A Stormtrooper with a lightsaber!?! Well, why not? I'm open-minded. Not only do all enemies now have a lightsaber in Single Player with this mod, they will also have force powers (depending on which difficulty you choose). The author says he was bored with the regular game and wanted a bit of a challenge. Well, this'll certainly do it. :)




Author: Trauma Sensei

About: neoarmada
Single Player Mod 
Custom Material: No

What this mod does is give lightsabers and force powers to every enemy in the game, 
there are two files, normal and hard difficult settings, in the normal setting most enemies has level 3 defense
and level 1 offense and no force powers, on hard difficult setting most enemies will have level 3 defense 
and level 2 offense.
Mercenaries have been replaced with reborns.

I made this little mod because Single Player game was getting kinda boring, 
I mean it´s so easy you can use lightning and kill every single stormtrooper in the room,
they were se defenseless, I decided that something should be done about it, 
and thought that it will be fare if they had lightsabers and force powers, and here we are.

Special Thanks
Raven, Lucasarts, the people at JK2files.com (You´re doing a great job, congrats^_^)
I hope you have fun!!!^_^

put the pk3 into your GameData/base folder 

Please forgive me, I know I have a lousy grammar, keep in mind english is not my first language.=P

If anyone can email me a tutorial about shaders and using 3dsmax It will be greatly appreciated

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