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This is a trailer for a map that has already been released: NeoTokyo. It features very dramatic music, very professiona...


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This is a trailer for a map that has already been released: NeoTokyo. It features very dramatic music, very professional camera work, and crisp, clear picture quality. The music almost seems a little bit too dramatic for the very stationary clips, or the very slight pans. In short the music fits with a very fast-paced action-filled trailer, which this trailer is not. Despite these facts, however, it's a very well-made trailer and might just convince you to grab the map, if for some reason you haven't already.

Note: This trailer is in .WMV format, not .MOV format, so Mac users may not be able to view it.

Other Versions: 720 dpi SD


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Once again heres another trailer I converted to HD. This is one trailer I love along with my Blue Ice trailer they were both fun to make and both nice to watch. So I hope you enjoy them IN HD! Yay. This is my second HD video so enjoy!

TimeSplitters2: Neotokyo Trailer

An -{Mc}- Video Production
Title: NeoTokyo Trailer (1080p, 720p, SD)
Author: MaceCrusherMadunusus
Map Author: Szico VII
Release Date (Vid): 9-12-06
Length: 1 Minute 5 Seconds

Description: Well here is a trailer for Szico VII's up coming map Timesplitter2: Neotokyo The setting of this map is based off of the TS2 game that is also one of Szicos personal favorites. The map is actuially a SP mission in the game and he has brought it to life in Jedi Academy's Multiplayer. The map itself is a medium sized map not as big as Blueice Twilight or Midgar V2 but it is still a good place to have a good Deathmatch. It is raining outside there are broken thigns to be found everywhere. And possibly a few secrets :P there is also a little train the goes through the main city area. The FPS of this map is amazing it allowed me to film using Fraps with Dynamic glow on and still have over 18 FPS which was very good compared to how crappy my computer is. Well now I'll stop gaging on about the map and give you an insite on my trailer. The trailer itself is alittle over a minute long. It has orange titles going through out the video leading up to the final Title (Timesplitter2: Neotokyo) Each title has what it is in English then some Japanese characters (which is where the map is in Japan) The video is excelently timed in my opinion and also I think it is my best. Szico himself says "This is the best video I've seen come out of you." And at first he didnt think this map didnt need a trailer because of its size and important. But I will always be making this for his map. Also some other people too :D

Install: Extract the .WMV video file (what ever kind you choose out of the 3 versions) and double click to play it in Windows Media Player. I also believe you may need DiVx codec to run the video. 

Uninstall: Delete the video file from your computer (Rickclick on file> Delete)

Also in this map there are some of the textures that I personally made for him :P (some japanese signs)

And if you would like to see how the map itself progressed please follow this link

thanks and we hope you enjoy the map when it comes out! Thanks to everyone who Beta tested this map!

* Copyright / Permissions * 

-Mace & Szico VII

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