NetRadiant JKA Fix (Mac OSX)

netradiant_jka_pack_mac_osx.zip —


over the years. Apparently though Net Radiant does not work properly on Mac's (which are also evil), so The One and Only has released this fix which should enable Mac users out there to use Net Radiant for JKA properly! :D He has also included a copy of the excellent Q3Map2 GUI for OSX made by Eridan for ease of compiling.Unfortunately though this only includes the necessary files for JKA, so it seems like making maps for JK2 using Net Radiant on a Mac may still not be possible. Maybe that is something to include for next time?Other than that there isnt much more I can say about this, so if you are a Mac user and want a fix to let you work with Net Radiant, then this should be of help to you!~Nozyspy~


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