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Y'know, clan ads are videos I really enjoy watching. I simply find it fun to see what people find enjoyable in a game. This one here is mad...


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Y'know, clan ads are videos I really enjoy watching. I simply find it fun to see what people find enjoyable in a game. This one here is made for the New Age Empire clan. The author of this piece is one Darth Rha'dei. Now, the video itself may seem long when you first open it up, but you'll soon find yourself quite mistaken. The whole video clocks up at 3 and a half minutes, most of which is spent staring at the credits. 'Tis a long list, for sure.

So, you're probably wondering what's in the video. Well, once we're past the obligatory "(insert name here) presents" and some more stuff, we cut to two guys taunting each other. Then you get a quick stare up at the face of some guy looking around. After that, we get a quick montage of some fighting, Boba concussionrifling (don't you go stealing that word, 'tis mine) a group of jawas, some quick jumps-chases (and wild hacking), someone trying to take down a mutant rancor (stupid beast just stands there), quick fighter and walker duels, a piece of a race around the Boonta Eve track and Boba once again tormenting innocent critters (fried wampa, anyone?). And then, just when you think the real deal is gonna start, bam! the credits roll.

The camerawork is average, I must say. When it's not following the player or standing still (a rarity), it's a little choppy. Still, it's smoother than your average player's. I can't say there's really much of a display of skill here, especially the CTF part, where someone seems to be really happy about having a saber. Still, the lads-lasses seem to be having fun, which is, after all, all that counts. Can't say I blame 'em. There's not much more I can think of that would warrant saying. If you think it strikes your fancy or if you just like clan videos, there's a handy little button that says "download now" some ways down the page.

- Jose

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: New Age Empire: The Offical Clan Video
AUTHOR: Darth Rha'dei
E-MAIL: [email protected]
Server IP:

FILENAME: New Age Empire Clan Movie.avi
FILESIZE: 69.2mb
DATE RELEASED: 29th of January 2008

CREDITS: I would like to thank all my fellow clan members for
participating in this video. Without you guys, there would be no clan.
I would also like to thank "

DESCRIPTION: This is basically a clan video promoting our clan
the New Age Empire. 

Our clan is comprised of a high number of Star Wars fans to create
a clan that is more of a community. Our main objective is to
create a friendly place where others can play with other Star Wars
fans and have fun. 

We are currently recruiting so pop by our server sometime.
You can get the IP Address from the video or above.

BUGS: A bit of lag one of the maps, but no real problem.

COMMENTS: I realise the Credits are longer than the actual
footage of in game activity, and in the timeframe I had
as well as the number of members online was a bit difficult.
I made do with what footage I could get, and I made it as epic
as possible.


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