New Force Lightning Pack 2

If you liked Tobe's last lightning pack you're bound to like this one just as much. Featuring 12 new Force lightnin...


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If you liked Tobe's last lightning pack you're bound to like this one just as much. Featuring 12 new Force lightning options, each one bringing its own special features and effects to the table, there's no chance that there isn't something available for you to drool over.

The following new Force lightning variations are available in this pack:

  • Force Ifrit
  • Force Ifrit 2
  • Force Shiva
  • Force Shiva 2
  • Force Bat
  • Force Bird
  • Force Ivy
  • Force Death
  • Force BeamZ
  • Force Ice
  • Force ElectBlue3
  • Force ElectRed3

Some of these are really cool. My favorites are the Shiva pair, Force Ice, and Force Bat. Each variation features its own sounds that really polish off the effect. And if you want the whole nine yards, make sure to grab the skins that go with each Force lightning variant (for instance Dracula goes quite well with Force Bat). Not a bad compilation, if I do say so myself, and not something we get a chance to see modified to such an extent very often. Well, never actually! So good work to Tobe, yet again.


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Download '' (6.46MB)

TITLE         : New Force Lightning Pack2 (Tobe) 
AUTHOR    : Tobe

FILENAME :  BB_Lightning2
FILESIZE    : 6.46 mb
DATE RELEASED: 06 Sep 2007


   *****   Features  *****

 12 new Force Lightning effects for your choice! All works for MP & SP. You can't use them all at once though, just one at a time ;)
 *this is an add-in for my "New Force Lightning Pack", enjoy your collection :);72011

   *****   To Install  *****

 unzip, and chose one of the force lighting .pk3 you want to install, and place that .pk3 into your game folder:   
 LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Game Data\Base

 and run the game.

 # Only install 1 lightning .pk3 at a time, do not put 2 lightning .pk3  together or it will not work.
    or if there is other lightning related mods already in the Game Data\Base folder, it might not work.

   *****   To Uninstall  *****

 just remove the .pk3 from the     LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Game Data\Base     folder.
 # then the original Force-Lighting effect will be back again.   


   *****   Description  *****

 This mod is basically to give Force lightning new looks, nothing has changed on the game rule, like lightning hit range or damage rate.
  Force_Ifrit           : summon Ifrit and burn the ground! *level3 lightning effect is different to level 1,2
  Force_Ifrit2         : a purple Ifrit who will burst into flame. to burn the others I mean.. ?
  Force_Shiva       :  summon Shiva and there is snow everywhere you go. *level3 lightning effect is different to level 1,2
  Force_Shiva2     : a purple Shiva will strike a sexy pose for you. 

  Force_Bat          :  bats! lots bats! Dracula is so happy ;) 
  Force_Bird         :  birds! enjoy watching them fly and wish for world peace.. or run like Hitchcock!
  Force_Ivy           : ivy? tree? little plant? will grow from ground for no reason. the effect between SP and MP is a little different.
  Force_Death       :  summon Death with flame from hell, time for somebody to die! *level3 lightning effect is different to level 1,2
  Force_BeamZ      : this is a shot of purple beam witch will bend back from wall to wall.
  Force_Ice            : an icy beam which will create ice on where it hits.
  Force_ElectBlue3: burst of straight blue electricity from wall to wall, and another wall.
  Force_ElectRed3 :  burst of zigzagged red electricity.
  *****    Bottom line   *****   


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