New Green Alora V3

It seems that skyking240 was telling a little fib when he said that V2 was the final version of this Green Alora. Oh well, It's always nice...


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It seems that skyking240 was telling a little fib when he said that V2 was the final version of this Green Alora. Oh well, It's always nice to see some more progress, as well as improvements. Don't you all agree?

Before we begin, let's take a look at Nozyspy's previous review of New Green Alora V2:

It seems a lot of guys find Twi-lek women attractive, which has always puzzled me since they have no hair, you cant see their ears and they have tails growing out of their heads! Nonetheless, I have to agree… they are pretty attractive!


The third and final file we have today from Skyking240 is his New Alora reskin! So, what changes have been made to Alora? Well for one she is now green, instead of red! Just this simple change in colour makes the skin look very different indeed since now she looks strangely less evil… its strange what a change of colour can do to a skin! As well as that Alora’s clothes have received some changes too; she has a new pair of funky multi-coloured trousers and on the team skins there are some coloured patterns across her shoulders with the corresponding team colour.

A nice bonus is that this file also has a second .pk3 that you can put in your base folder and it will replace the single player Alora with this new re-skinned version. As far as improvements go, one bug I noticed was that though there are now two ‘Alora’ entries in the ‘add bot’ list, neither of them adds this New Alora skin.

All in all more good work here from Skyking240, I look forward to seeing what he makes next! :)

If you guys like the look of this skin, then give it a download, and be sure to leave some helpful tips in the comments section on where the author can improve for next time, especially if you are a fellow skinner!

As you can see, there was a lot of changes that skyking240 made in V2. Although, let's see what changes were made in V3, shall we?

The author decided to take this version back to Alora's true origins of being dark and insidious. The most obvious changes are color-related. Alora's skin is now green, and her clothes have more of a dark side feel to them. Alora's pants now have a speckled reddish white and black look to them. It doesn't look half bad if you ask me. I didn't really like V2 due to it feeling more light side than dark side. Nevertheless, Skyking240 impressed me with this version.

Just like V2, this version also has an extra .pk3 that will change Alora in SP to Skyking's version. I've always hated fighting the same Alora over and over again. It gets quite boring, which I'm sure most of you would agree with. Although, I'd like to mention that you need to have the MP version of Alora in your base if you plan on replacing Alora in SP as well. One major bug that was fixed in V3 was the double Alora in the Bot selection, which Nozyspy mentioned in his V2 review.

There was definitely a lot of improvements in this version of New Alora. I definitely love the new look, and I hope to see more from Skyking240! Great job on the skin, and keep up the good work! :)

This is definitely worth a download if you liked New Alora V2! I'm sure the author would love if you gave him some feedback on anything you noticed.

New Sounds: Nay Bot Support: Aye Team Support: Aye Single Player Support: Aye


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For Jedi Academy

A Skyking240 production

New Alora V2!
Title: New Alora
Author: Skyking240

File Name:
File Size: 678 KB
Date Released: 3/16/09

This is one skin that makes alora's skin green and her clothes more dark-side. It gives her pants a speckled red white and black look.

V2 of New Alora also includes a sp version (skyking240_alora_new_sp) which makes the Alora in sp my new Alora.

The only difference here is that it fixes the two Alora's in the Bot selection (sorry, Nozy:))
(Yes this is a very fast V3)


Unzip the .zip file and put your .pk3 file in your base folder in your game directory (How easy is this!)

V2 of New Alora also includes a sp version (skyking240_alora_new_sp) which makes the Alora in sp my new Alora. This is optional and you can run the game with or without this installed. 
(note you must have the mp .pk3 installed to run the sp version) :)


Just take the .pk3 file out of your base

Easy enough you can just take out the sp .pk3 to not enable that.



Adobe Photoshop 7, Modview, and Pakscape.


All skinning credit goes to me :) and to Bael for teaching me how to skin
(Thanks Bael)

This mod may be used for any of your modding skin needs :)



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