New Prequel Jedi Reskin

Wow, if your lookin' for some new jedi/sith skins, this may be a set for you. Contained are five different skins on the same model(as far...


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Wow, if your lookin' for some new jedi/sith skins, this may be a set for you. Contained are five different skins on the same model(as far as I know), the only real difference between the jedi and sith versions are the eyes however. You have the jedi robed, and robed with hood, then the sith eyed skin robed, and robed w/ hood up. The fifth skin is a derobed version, which I have to say, I like the most just because I think those robes weigh a jedi down...

Point here is, if you want new prequel skins, try these out...worst that can happen is you not like them right? I personnally havn't tried previous prequel releases, so perhaps my opinion isn't worth much here.


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New Prequel Jedi Reskin
By Eris
Version: V2.0

IT'S FINALLY DONE! After 2 months of work it is finally done.  I have added a few new things and have revamped alot of the old textures.
First off I added a Sith version with its own robed and hooded as well and added the default skins (without any robes) as team colors.  Later on this month I hopefully will release the SP version of my skin to the public
so you can use the skin in SP.

Commands are:

Default Jedi: "model eris"
Robed Jedi: "model eris/robed"
Hooded Jedi: "model eris/hooded"
Default Sith: "model eris/sith"
Robed Sith: "model eris/sithrobed"
Hooded Sith: "model eris/sithhooded"

Hope you enjoy this skin.

If you need to contact me my email is or IM me on AIM at Vashts242.


Model: Aaron Smith
Boots: Hapslash
Eye Textures Regular and Sith: Infinity Blade
Sounds: Shao

Hapslash for being there to give me crits.
Infinity Blade who helped me through these past 2 months, giving me tips, teaching me new things, and encouragement along the way.

Original Readme

New Prequel Jedi Pack

Author- broken_hope

This was made for the RPG servers because i didnt like the current Prequel Jedi Pack.

This pack includes 4 Prequel Jedis & 1 Prequel Sith

If icons are missing because of too many skins type in console....

/model new_prequel_jedi 
/model new_prequel_jedi_robed
/model new_prequel_jedi_hooded
/model new_prequel_sith
/model new_prequel_sith_robed
/model new_prequel_sith_hooded

For different versions of the Jedi just add _V2, _V3, _V4 to the end of the jedi command

Credit to Aaron Smith for the model

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