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Okay. This is a reskin of the prisoner model. I can tell you what the author did in one sentence. It looks like he copied and pasted the bac...


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Okay. This is a reskin of the prisoner model. I can tell you what the author did in one sentence. It looks like he copied and pasted the back of the blue prisoner skin onto the front, and then put the rebel symbol on that.

I can't really say that much, except to put a lot more effort and creativity. This is so simple that I can't really think of a way to suggest that. But whatever floats your boat. Or base folder, in this case.

Oh, one thing. It has come to my attention that this is supposed to be based around the npc. It is not meant to be used as a skin, although it does have the option of being used as a skin.

Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: New Republic Elite Trooper 
AUTHOR: Khyron Jinn 

FILENAME: Rebel Elite.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: Sent to JK2files on 8/17 

CREDITS: Myself and Darth Die, who taught me how to skin. Sounds are from JK2. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you opened this read-me, then I have a lot less to explain. Go into the "Game Data" or if you are on a mac the "Jedi Academy" folder and look carefully(but don't hurt yourself) for the folder callse "base." Drag an drop the "Rebel Elite.pk3" file, it is included in this .zip, into the "base" folder that you just discovered. Now open JKA. Here is where the real thinking comes in: "Single Player" or "Multi-Player"? I mean it, don't hurt yourself. If you choose Single Player, type "helpusobi 1" in the "console." Open the console by pressing SHIFT + `, which makes tilde (~). Now, cheats are activated. Congratulations on making it this far. Now, in the "console," type "npc spawn rebelite" then your New Republic Elite trooper will appear. Try not to surprise yourself too much. He will follow you around and fire on your enemies. Don't attack him, or he will fire on you.
Now, if you chose "Multi-Player," you have another choice to make. I know, I know, it is cruel, this world, but this is why I am here, to guide you through your game.
If you intend to play alone on "Multi-Player" "Mode" then type in console "devmap _____" where the ______ is the name of the map you wish to load. A map is an arena which you play JKA on. If you do not know the name of the map you wish to load, click "solo game" and from there select the map you want. Load the game, and pay attention to the name of the map. When the game loads, open the console and type "/devmap ________" where the _____ is the name of the map. When in multi-player, you must put a / in front or it will come out as speech on the server. When the map loads, hit "ESC" and then click Join. There are two options. "Join Game" or "Spectate." Click "Join Game." Now, you are playing JKA multi-player. Open the "Console" and type "/npc spawn rebelite" and your New Republic Elite Trooper will appear. Again, try not to surprise yourself. He will not follow you around, but he will fire on enemy "NPCs." NPCs are "Non-Playable Characters." The basic enemy NPC is the stormtrooper (/npc spawn stormtrooper).
Now, if you wish to BECOME the New Republic Elite Trooper, type in the console "/model rebelite". You are now a New Republic Elite Trooper. Congratulations.
If you intend to play with other people "on-line," you must click "Join A Game." Then click "Get new List" and from there, select the server you wish to play on. A server is where maps are played and others can join. Select one, click "Join Server" and when the map loads, type in console, "/model rebelite".
You are now a New Republic Elite Trooper in front of everyone, and you have successfully followed the instructions of this read-me. Very good.


DESCRIPTION: I took the prisoner/blue skin and got rid of the pattern on his chest, which wasn't easy, but I did it. I replaced that pattern with a Rebel Alliance insignia, cause it's cool. I got the idea because I spawned an army of rebels that came with JKA and the stormtroopers killed them all. Swiftly. The NPC is at maximum accuracy now, has 200 hp, e-11 gun, and it's supposed to have alt fire, but it doesn't use it. They are incredibly deadly, but not uber-cheap. The NPC is primarily designed for SP as the MP gun-using NPCs suck. Horribly. Oh, and this also gives sound to the basejka rebel npc, which actually did not have sounds. Believe it?

BUGS: I have found none. 

COMMENTS: I like it. It's simple, not the prisoner, and not prisoner sounds. If you don't like it, send it back. Oh, wait, YOU CAN'T!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAAA!!! 


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