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Rosh Penin…unfortunately the very mention of his name brings shivers of terror to many people, he is perhaps the most disliked character in...


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Rosh Penin…unfortunately the very mention of his name brings shivers of terror to many people, he is perhaps the most disliked character in JKA. However to be honest, I don’t think he entirely deserves that reputation, although I will admit that just looking at his face can be incredibly annoying. I dunno why, he just has that kinda face, y’know, the one you would just love throw a punch at! :P

However I really think that the Rosh player model is one that is not used enough for re-skins! So I glad that we have a Rosh re-skin here today.

So, what has changed? Well the face is still the same, however it is the clothes that have been given a good makeover. The clothes for the default skin and team skins now use much darker colours, and personally I think the colour combination does look a bit more ‘Jedi like’ than the base JKA skin.

There is some more brightly coloured lining around the edging of his clothes, which I think, contrasts nicely with the darker areas. Not only is the colouring of the team skins nicely subtle, but the coloured lining changes too to better fit with the team colours. Overall I think the effect of that is very nice.

Now, there are a few things that could be improved upon. Personally, although I understand that the Rosh model already has its own set of sounds, I think it would be cool if snippets some of Rosh’s other lines in the game could be used to replace the default taunt. I also think that face could do with a bit of a makeover too, perhaps with some different coloured hair, or something to make Rosh’s face a little less annoying. :P

The biggest thing though is that this Rosh replaces the default Rosh, although some people will be overjoyed that the default Rosh has been replaced by a better version, it is always better if a new skin is made as an extra, rather than a replacement, for the sake of still having the choice.

All in all however I like this re-skin. The choice of colours used works really well, and I definitely think this looks better than the default JKA skin, so well done there mate. So if you guys like the look of this want a less annoying looking Rosh to use ingame, then give this a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support:Yes (Replaces the default Rosh Bot) Team Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:  New Rosh Penin
AUTHOR: darkfilip15
FILENAME:  newroshpenin.pk3
FILESIZE: 3 177 kb
DATE RELEASED: 10 October 2008

CREDITS: New Rosh Penin. 

put the .pk3 file in "Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base" folder.

DESCRIPTION: this is my first skin ever and I hope you like it. I used Adobe Photoshop to texture.

COMMENTS: I apologize for the other bad readme, this is my first readme and I did not know how to make it, I hope this readme is better, Thank You 


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