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New Saber Blade Sizes

Ever get bored with the default length and width of the sabers in JA? Ever feel the need for an insanely long saber, or a thick saber? Well,...


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File Description

Ever get bored with the default length and width of the sabers in JA? Ever feel the need for an insanely long saber, or a thick saber? Well, as usual, I have just the thing for this need!

This little mod changes the length and width of all the sabers except one staff and one single saber. The length and width is based on the hilt chosen, so it will not work with custom sabers as it is. Some of the sabers are really long, some are really thin, and some are really thick. This mod also makes it so that when you throw your saber, it still spins and does damage on it's way back, though makes no sound. The mod should work for both SP and MP, which is a little bonus.

A nice little mod if you are bored, I say. Give it a download if you are interested.


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Title: New Saber Blade Sizes
E-Mail: nathan@theraughts.com
Web: None

File name: Newsaberblades.pk3
File size: 5kb
Date Released: 28th March 2007

INSTALLATION: Extract the files from NewSaberBlades.zip. If you are reading this README, you have already done that. Now, place the pk3 file entitled &quot;NewSaberBlades.pk3&quot; in your Jedi Academy's Base folder in Game Data. If you are new at this, ProgramFiles\LucasArts\JediKnight2:JediAcademy\GameData\base
Then run JK3: JA. In saber selection, you should be able to tell the differences immediately.
UNINSTALLATION: Delete or remove the pk3 file from your base folder. That is all.

I didn't think JA got the sabers looking quite right. I thought that they should be thicker. Just look at them in the newer movies and also the PS2/Xbox game Revenge of the Sith. The core of the sabers in those is thicker than what JA has. So I figured out how to change that! But it is more than just thicker sabers. Some are a bit longer, and then there are some that are RIDICULOUSLY long, just for fun! Also, there are very thin settings. They look like small laser beams. This includes the staff sabers as well. I couldn't leave them out! Buy the way, this works in both SP and MP. However, I think you will have to start your game new in SP for it to work, but maybe I am wrong? You will find out, I guess. With the really big sabers (whose length is 999) they really light up the whole map! and saberthrow with them is VERY dangerous for enemies! There is also a small saber which I like to call &quot;Padawan's Training Saber.&quot; Oh yeah, I ALMOST forgot. I made it so that when you finish a saberthrow, the saber will continue to spin whilst returning to you. I hope there isn't already a MOD out there like this, because it was very easy to do, so chances are someone has tried.... One last thing--I left one saber with a normal (that is to say, JA default) blade. Same goes for the staff saber. 

Well, for starters, when the saber returns to you from a throw, it keeps spinning but the noise stops, and I have no clue as to how I might fix that. Oh well.
Secondly, in MP, there are saber staffs in the single saber selection menu, and all of the new saber blades for the staff aren't in that menu, and I have no idea why. I am pretty sure it is only a MP problem. It is not a HUGE problem because you can get them from the standard or single saber selection menu.
There are no other bugs known to me.

Well, because this mod was so easy, I didn't need any help. So basically it was just me. However I would like to thank Raven Software for making such a cool game and making it easy to modify!

If you use this mod in anything of your own please give me credit. 


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