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ROYGBIV! Yeah, if you don't know what that is, take a physics class. Normally you'd hear me ragging on skins like this. "They're borin...


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Yeah, if you don't know what that is, take a physics class.

Normally you'd hear me ragging on skins like this. "They're boring!" "This took five minutes!" "What a waste of time!" I'm not going to say any of that this time, though. Why? Because I like these skins! I know, amazing... But this just strikes me as one of those "simple, but needs to be done" skins. Of course it doesn't actually need to be done, but given this level of choice, it'd be easy for everyone to find just the color they wanted. I know a lot of you guys out there like the shadow trooper model, and now you can have it in a variety of colors. Sure it may have not taken very long, but that probably wasn't the point.

But what is a skin without some beefs, right? The author included a shader, and it's all fine and good, but in my opinion these skins really could have used a specular shader as well. Nothing too imposing, just a slight shine to go with the current shader. While I have to say the skin kind of looks like plastic, even plastic shines in the sunlight.

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STAR WARS: Jedi Knight Academy Skin Pack

Author & File Info
Title: New Shadow Trooper Pack
Author: YaKyLLaN
MSN Email:
Contact Email:
Website (my clan):
Build time: 8Hours (3days)
Date released: 17-10-05
Base: shadowtrooper skin
Editor used: Ulead Photo Impact 10 + Notepad + PakScape
PK3 name: NewShadowTrooper.pk3
File name:
File size: 6,67 MB
Npc: No
Bot: No
New sounds: No
Team support: Yes!
Clan SkinPack?: NO!
Free for all SkinPack?: YES! 

Little description:
SkinPack based in shadowtrooper model.
I have created 8 special colours:
White, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange and violet (Default sabers colours)
All colours colours models have nice shadered :) ( i think that not visible in modview )

How to Install?
Place NewShadowTrooper.pk3 into your BASE jk folder:
"StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base"

How to put colours manually?
Well, there are 8 diferent colours. For take this colours you have to open your console and type ..:
White (default): /model newst
Black: /model newst/black ~~~~~~ /model newstblack
Blue: /model newst/blue ~~~~~~  /model newstblue
Red: /model newst/red ~~~~~~ /model newstred
Green: /model newst/green ~~~~~~ /model newstgreen
Yellow: /model newst/yellow ~~~~~~ /model newstyellow
Orange: /model newst/orange ~~~~~~ /model newstorange
Violet: /model newst/violet ~~~~~~ /model newstviolet

Aditional info
I did this skinPack because one day i think that its look nice that can do more than blue and red team.
Skins have same colours that default sabbers, so you can do more than 2teams with the same skin and saber colour ( in FFA ;> )
Sorry for my BAD english, im Spanish :) 
YaKyLLaN: Antonio.A , /1988/, Melilla(Spain).

Thanks to...
-All my clan, specially for ToneliX and Dready because they ever have been there testing my skins and helping :)
-The creator of VaderVM 2.2  (One of the nicest skins that I have seen ). His skin gaves me the idea of shader New Shadow Trooper SkinPack.
-Slider, thank you for create JA+. We all enjoy it a lot.
-George Lucas, thank you for create this world. 
-To you for to read it and perhaps for to use the skinpack.

Copyright - Permissions 

**Everyone can use this skinpack**

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