New Shadowtrooper

I'm going to spit out all the bad things about this skin as quickly and concisely as possible. Okay, here it goes!

Recolor. Overwrite. No...


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I'm going to spit out all the bad things about this skin as quickly and concisely as possible. Okay, here it goes!

Recolor. Overwrite. No new sounds. Ech.

Okay, done. Short list, huh? Normally I'd be dumping all over a recolor, but this one actually looks really cool in-game. It almost makes me not mind so much that it's an overwrite. The basic idea is that the author has taken certain sections of the default shadowtrooper and has colored them green. Then, to add even more interest, he has used a specular shader to give the entire skin a very nice shine in-game, which really makes a huge difference. The shader also includes a subtle electricity shader, which I could do without, but in fairness it is rather subtle as I mentioned, and it only enhances the skin rather than making the skin.

I also really love the team skins because, while simply recolors of the default, they are more muted colors rather than a bright red or a bright blue. The shiny shader helps add a bit of this effect, making both of the team colors look very tasteful. Obviously because this is an overwrite there is NPC and BOT support from the original game, so neither of these was added. However I guess to make up for that the author decided to add single-player support. You can choose between the three colors -- green, blue, and red -- for each of the three main body parts. It's kind of a neat addition for a simple skin, and shadowtrooper fans should really love it, as it even allows more customization in multi-player. Want a shadowtrooper with a green-trimmed head, red-trimmed body, and blue-trimmed legs? You've got it!

Overall a very simple skin, but the few extras that are included really polish it off and make it a nice-looking skin that I personally wouldn't mind having, even as an overwrite.

Bot Support: Default Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: Default


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Download '' (2.35MB)



Title:		New Shadowtrooper

Author:		[JHC]Phantom (Also known as Crazy Assassin)

Sounds:		Ravensoft's Shadowtrooper

Shaders:	Property of [JHC]Freshmeat, and used with his permission.

File Size:	2.4mb

This is basically a recolored reborn with some shine and a special electric shader.
Nothing much, but hey, at least I did something. I did not include bot or NPC support because it is already in the game.
I may add these in a version 2, It depends on what happens with this one.
	green patches on armor for default
	new team skins, same pattern as default
	JKO sounds
	Single Player support
	shiny, electrified armor

Special thanks to [JHC]Freshmeat for allowing me to use his shine+electricity shader.

Thanks to Ravensoft, for making the Shadowrtooper and his sounds.

This is my first OFFICAL skin. I have made one before this, but it was for practise.

If there is anything that needs editing, I will try to release a newer version with the 
updated area. Please, PLEASE send me feedback! I will listen!

Extract the pk3, and place it in the folder called base, found in the gamedata folder.

To uninstall, simply delete the pk3.

This modifacation was not made, supported, or distributed by LucasArts, Ravensoft, Activision,
or any other company involved or not involved in making Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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