New Shadowtrooper

Getting bored of Raven's Shadowtrooper? Just want some new armored skins? Well, this might just be what you were looking for.

In a quick...


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Getting bored of Raven's Shadowtrooper? Just want some new armored skins? Well, this might just be what you were looking for.

In a quick summary, large parts of the Shadowtrooper's armor have been recolored silver, and covered with a shader providing a slight shine. Other parts have been changed to various colors to make some nice variations. Included colors are green, blue, red, orange, purple, teal and yellow. The author has also provided the options to use this as a seperate entry in the model selection, and to overwrite the original Shadowtrooper. Singleplayer support has also been included, as have the original JK2 sounds.

All in all, as simple as this pack is, it's the complete deal, and that's what I like to see - authors taking their time and putting effort into their mods. Constructive feedback? This skin doesn't really need it. It does what it's meant to, and it does that job perfectly well. I hope to see more skins from Phantom in the future.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Custom Sounds: JK2 sounds

Other features: - Singleplayer support. - Optional NPC Overwrite

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Title:		New Shadowtrooper

Author:		[JHC]Phantom (Also known as Crazy Assassin)

Sounds:		Ravensoft's Shadowtrooper

Shaders:	Property of [JHC]Freshmeat, and used with his permission.

File Size:	4.84mb; overwrite pk3 is 247kb

This is basically a recolored reborn with some shine and a special electric shader.
Nothing much, but hey, at least I did something.
	green patches on armor for default
	new team skins, same pattern as default
	JKO shadowtrooper sounds
	Single Player support
	shiny, electrified armor
	new orange, purple, teal, and yellow armor
	entire skin in seperate model, with the OPTION to make it an overwrite via another pk3

Special thanks to [JHC]Freshmeat for allowing me to use his shine+electricity shader.

Thanks to Ravensoft, for making the Shadowrtooper and his sounds.

This is my first OFFICAL skin. I have made one before this, but that's my personal skin. (I'm trying to release it, but there are a few bugs to sort out first)

If there is anything that needs editing, I will try to release a newer version with the 
updated area. Please, PLEASE send me feedback! I will listen!

Extract the two pk3s, and place the "Newshadowtrooper" one in the folder called base, found in the gamedata folder.
If you want to make this skin overwrite the default, place the "Newshadowtrooper-Overwrite" pk3 in your base as well.
NOTE: for the overwrite to work, you need Both pk3s.
To uninstall, simply delete the pk3.

/Changes from V1.0/
added teal, orange, purple, and yellow armor
changed the color pattern slightly
new bot and NPC support
renamed the file, so It's no longer an overwrite, but you can make it one by installing BOTH pk3s
improved shine, so the color no longer fades

This modifacation was not made, supported, or distributed by LucasArts, Ravensoft, Activision,
or any other company involved or not involved in making Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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