New Weapon Effects and Swoops



Include in this zip are 4 PK3 files so I'll review them as such:

concussion_rifle.pk3 - Replaces the effects of the concussion rifle with an interesting green tinted alternative. It seems odd green and pink together like this - if this were clothes you'd have a mild fashion crisis.

disruptor_rifle.pk3 - This one I like, it replaces the zoom on the disruptor as well as the blast effects, the rotating inner red symbols looks very nice and the blast is green and big, I do like this one.

sonic_charge_launcher.pk3 - A replacement for the rocket launcher missiles. The rocket now has a blue tint and when it explodes releases a mini shock wave. The sound is ear piercing though so if you fire a rocket, be sure to run away before you hear it!

swoops.pk3 - Adds 3 identicals swoops with 3 similar weapons. The swoops are the black ones I'm sure you've all seen before, the weapons are blaster effects that can be seen below.

The advantage of separate PK3's is you only keep what you like and for me it would be the disruptor rifle.




Author:		Spector
Email:		[email protected]


Changes the Disruptor Rifle to shoot green colored "toxins"
The Concussion Rifle now explodes differently
Changes the Rocket launcher into a mini sonic charge launcher
Adds 3 new swoops to the game. A sonic charge shooting swoop, an
anti-matter torpedo shooting swoop, and a proton torpedo shooting

This mod is split up into 4 pk3 files. If you do not wish to have
a certain thing changed, then you can simply delete that pk3.

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