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*appears in a swirling vortex of Black Energy* ...=_=

When I hear the words "map"and "pack" in conjunction with JA, I tend to think o...


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*appears in a swirling vortex of Black Energy* ...=_=

When I hear the words "map"and "pack" in conjunction with JA, I tend to think of a mass of duel maps smashed together in a zip and fired off into the internet. For once, this was not totally the case. I say not totally given that there is a duel map in there, but that's irrelevant. ON WITH THE UNHALLOWED EXAMINATION!

Sky Dock - The great Arkaned Vice was born of a dream of mine, and in the author's case this is the same principle. The sky dock looks to me like a humongous oil rig that I haven't knocked over yet, save for the fact that it's flying in the sky. Flying fortresses are always fun, but it's so taxing to maintain a steady power source without crashing to the ground. However, the author needn't worry about that. In an overall glimpse, it's a rather well built area. I think my only beef would be with the dock itself. For one, it's too accursedly long! However, I have ways past that. The only boggling apparatus was the strange floating block with the words "Shader not found" in backwards. After careful examination, I could not discover its purpose. Perhaps the author will enlighten us later.

Spire and Spire City - There were two variants of this SPIRE world, one of which made me a happy Pale Master. The Spire map was the token duel map in this pack, consisting of an articulate and archaic looking spire floating amidst a storm-ridden sky. A well-played piece of art. I'd advise combatants to watch their step so as not to crush themsel- No, wait, nevermind. Proceed with battle. =_,=

Spire City was a bit more articulate, building upon the spire theme and making a simple sky "world" of sorts made entirely of spires. The skybox is nothing short of malevolent, and made me wish to build a tower there. However, they told me that there was no space left to add on. =_=+ Regardless, the only real iffy part was that you could not reach the lowest level of spires seeing as you FELL TO YOUR DEATH =_O+. Oh well, I bear no ill will towards that...for this final time =_=.

Bizzare - @_@....this clearly was an assassination attempt on either myself or another JKFiles staff member. As soon as I walked into the map, I was forced to don the Helm of Crimson Vision. THE WHOLE AREA WAS DISTURBINGLY COLORFUL. It was if a hippy danced into the room with a freshly painted tye dye shirt, then proceeded to spin wildly so as to blast the room with color. All evils aside, this map was very disturbing to my eyes, but it seemed like a tactically interesting FFA Map. There is also an "Outside" variant that has the skybox changed around it to a winter scene. This at least helped my vision become unblurred.

Water Treatment - And finally, we arrive at a feces processing plant. I'm not quite certain why water treatment plants would be an ideal place to battle. However, any place can become a battleground, unless it doesn't exist. This treatment plant had a decent set up, what with the towers and pipelines about. The only real problem I had with this map was the sewage of anger. The sewage rose and fell, but it didn't even look like sewage. It looked like solid ground due to the choice of texture O_o and it also was not liquified either. When you fall, you hit solid ground, die, and wonder why you never broke the surface. Perhaps the sewage found me unworthy to dive in v_v.

Regardless, this was a well constructed map pack for one that took so very long to produce. I applaud your effort into creating such a diverse and decent map pack. Perhaps you could escalate your ideas into something more at some point.

=_= *writes the following text in Black Energy letters in the air, then bows out through a rift* New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (47.7MB)

Welcome to New Worlds: Episode I Version 1.1

This is a basic overview of the maps included in this pack.
"Sky Dock"
Size: HUGE
New Textures: Yes
New Music: Yes
Secret Areas: Yes

Sky Dock was the first map that I ever created, believe it or not. Sky Dock started as 
a dream. I thought about the dream and thought about how cool it was and I 
created this level that closely mirrors the one in my dream. Also, I just wanted to 
build something that gives you a sense of vertigo. Don't look down, dude!
	Well, the final product was Sky Dock, a huge fuel station on the planet,
Nestala. Sky Dock is still my favorite map. Don't be surprised if it makes your machine
run a bit sluggish while you run the map. It's HUGE.
"Spire City"
Size: Big
New Textures: No
New Music: No
Secret Areas: No

Spire City was originally going to be a map based on Kashyyk in the trees. I later decided to just
make a city built on big pipes. Not my best, but is still a good "open air" map.
"Bizzare World Indoors"
Size: Small
New Textures: Heck yeah!
New Music: 80's rock
Secret Areas: Nope

Bizzare World Indoors is a fun map. It is based on a lot of things, ranging from an episode of
Star Trek Voyager, a video game called Marble Blast Gold, all the way to an 80's rock CD called
Saltimbanco. It's pretty cool. Very colorful. When I made this map, I was feeling really random.
For that, I placed a giant lolipop in the level. You can't miss it. Bizzare World Indoors is quite
This map was made completely "grid adherent". What does this mean? Well, if someone were 
to open the map in Radiant, you wouldn't be able to see it on the grid. It would look just like
a new map. Every mesh is connected perfectly to the grid. It was hard to make because it was
difficult to find reference points.
Bizzare World Outdoors is made with this same setup. The only difference is that there is snow
and you can fall to your death.
Bizzare World also celebrates the wonderful world of LEGO. The colors are really hard on the 
eyes, but that's not a big deal because the level is so fun.
"Water Treatment"
Size: Small
New Textures: Yes
New Music: No
Secret Areas: Yes

Water Treatment is a rather creepy map. This one is a Water  Treatment facility on Sulon, Kyle
Katarn's homeworld. Careful that you don't fall into the green sludge. It kills even if you are 
using "godmode"... pretty toxic stuff if you ask me.
This map has realistic sunlight and is the first map to ever use a solid mesh for water. I did this
to add a weird, kind of creepy feel to the map. I have sequels planned for this map. It will be
released in my next New Worlds episode!
Bizzare World Outdoors
Size: Small
New Textures: yeah
New Music: yup
Secret Areas: no

Bizzare World Outdoors is the same as BWI, but is outdoors in the snow. This one is more of
a challenge to navigate because it has a large open expanse below the main grid. It's a lot of fun 
and the music is ethereal. BWO is one of my most beautiful maps.

Just extract the .pk3 to your base folder.

BUGS: There are a few bugs in these maps. 

In Sky Dock, there is a ship bug. The Raven's Claw is sort
of hanging off the landing pad. I have tried and tried to get the ship to adhere to the landing pad, but
it just keeps trying to fall off.

The Raven's Claw was made by NeoMarz1. I put it in the map in the first week of production, but never
took it out. I decided to leave it in because it's a Sky Dock where ships refuel. I might as well leave it.

Spire City, the place is a bit dark. I just never changed the lighting settings. It's an ok map, but nothing

In Water Treatment, sometimes the stairs disappear by the sludge access pit. You can still run on them, but 
you can't see them. I don't know why it's like this.

Bizzare World Indoors: Sometimes, the bots do weird things. I installed botroutes, but they don't seem to want
to follow them on occasion. You'll sometimes get jumping bots. I'm not sure why.

Visit my website at! There you can find my incredible movies and videos. Also, check
out my new addition to the website, New Worlds, the web sponsor for this mod and future mods! Thanks!
There is a link to New Worlds on the Obelisk Films homepage.

Do not use any of these maps in a mod of your own unless you ask me. I worked hard on
these and I expect credit if you use them in a mod of yours. I am more than happy to allow
you to use them, but please ask me first.

Micah Fernandez (micahmatt): everything! (except for the Raven's Claw)
Cyan: music
Saltimbanco: music
Raven's Claw: Mars Marshall (NeoMarz1)

Future Improvements:
I will be making a New Worlds Version 1.2 with some map improvements and additions.
I may replace the Raven's Claw with something else.
I'll be making new splash screens.

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