Night Bespin 2310AD (v1)

Bespin Streets has to be one of my favorite maps. Period. You can't find a better map for duels, FFA's and TFFA's. There are plenty of pi...


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Bespin Streets has to be one of my favorite maps. Period. You can't find a better map for duels, FFA's and TFFA's. There are plenty of pick ups, lots of places to lose an enemy if you're being chased and if you like playing nearing ledges, one side of the map makes it easy for you to toss your opponent to his death, while the other side will let you focus on sabering him. :) But after playing Bespin for so long, many have grown tired of it. So <|Fear|>V.Engineer has updated Bespin. It's now Bespin Streets at night and there's red lighting all around the map. You can't quite see it in my screenshot, but the area at the bottom has a new texture and see that little round thing there? I'm talking about in the second screenshot, by the way. :) That's an elevator. An elevator to take you up to the second pad. So now, no more waiting in line at the pad for duels! Yay!

The msuic for this map sounds familiar, but I can't place it, darn it. Only problem with this map is the same problem we've come across with all Bespin Streets maps - there's an interference of some kind between it and that one map with the crystals. I can only remember it by the map name, mp/ffa4. That really, really bugs me. This is a great map and I'd love to use it. Hmm. Maybe I should just take that one JA map out of my rotation? Anyway, great job, <|Fear|>V.Engineer.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Night Bespin 2310AD version 1

I know alot of people still love the old bespin map
but have grown tierd of the same looks.

So here is the new and improved version.
This is the 1st version of this map, futer releases
are gunna see it turn into a little city at night.

Ive alterd the lighting and made some very deep light affects
to add a certain erie atmospher.
Ive also created another duel pad located higher up then the

Theres also some new music added, its a very good track
that fits in perfectly

Bot support is still enabled as the same with team colours.
Extended version of this map will be released in about 2 weeks
with new rooms npc's and some cool stuff so keep ya eyes open.
This should make a change from the original bespin.

This is a creation of raven soft team jedi knight outcast
And a modifaction of <|Fear|>V.Engineer
If you wish to use my desighn of this map please
contact me at [email protected] and include me in the readme.txt 

<|Fear|>V.Engineer   email: [email protected]

Just place pk3 into your gamedata/base folder

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