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Hmm...a new Nina chapter. I have seen the progress of Nina twice: The first one and now. The progress is astounding. Voice ACTORS! The o...


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Hmm...a new Nina chapter. I have seen the progress of Nina twice: The first one and now. The progress is astounding. Voice ACTORS! The originals did not have such magical technological advances. However, it didn't quite tickle me that much. I will start by saying that this was a well-developed SP mod, and it shows given the conviction of the team responsible for it. The voice actors were decent. I only played a little fraction of it, given time constrictions, and from what I've gathered, the cutscenes were voice-acted. On terms of the actors, most were decent. I say decent because most didn't seem to emote enough. I felt as if I were trapped within a world of teenagers, rather than a HORDE OF PEOPLE THAT ARE OLDER AND HAVE BEARDS!

Now, the storyline revolves around a secret abandoned imperial project that "Nova Unit" has been assigned to. Nova Unit, in turn, assigns it to our protagonist. I believe the unit was mentioned in the previous chapters, so play the previous to understand their malevolence! On a theatrical note, allow me to say this: I wasn't pleased with the sudden plot-twist so early. Granted it's an important one, but it seems WAY too early to just bring that in. It would have seemed appropriate at a more key location instead of an apartment.

Also, what was the point of the stormtroopers? Random people just attacked, seemingly guarding no one important. I don't know, perhaps just for target practice...*SCYTHES a stromboli trooper* I just didn't see the point at that time in the story.

Overall, I suggest you all offer a prayer to the download god so that it may grant you this SP mod. This mod was rather entertaining. It also reminded me that the SP AI is much more smarter than I remembered... Download if you hate humans or if you want to kill time in SP.

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (31.1MB)

# Nina: Genesis #

(c) 2006 Larry McBruce

([email protected])

  I'd like to start with a big thank to the people who contributed to this little mod. It wouldn't have been possible without them. So, thank you guys, you rock! :)

Installation instructions:

  The installation is really simple. Extract "" into your GameData folder (By default C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Gamedata). It will create a subfolder called "Genesis", as well as a very useful batch file (Genesis.Bat). Just click on it, and it will launch the game. See? Nothing really difficult here. 

  Please note that this level only supports English. Make sure your game is set on English language in order to avoid all kinds of undesirable effects during the game.


A word of warning here: this mod is bigger and more detailled than "Nova Unit" was. If there are any slowdowns during the game, just turn off the 'dynamic glow' in the 'video options' menu. 
Gameplay notes:

  There're some interactive elements (specific crates or barrels) in this new level, that can be activated by force powers (push or pull). Try to use them at your advantage during a fight.


Nova Unit:

  A special assault force reporting only to the Chancellor. This highly trained team has been assembled to assist temporarily the outnumbered Jedi knights. Nova is officially acting as a law-enforcement unit, with a mission to identify and eliminate all kinds of criminal activities... One way or another.

Main Characters:

Horatio Halca: 

  Horatio is the man behind Nova creation, and its actual director. He was a senator in the final days of the Old Republic, and befriended senator Mon Mothma during these dark times. Horatio naturally joined the Alliance shortly after the formation of the Glactic Empire.

  Horatio is generally described as a "cool-head", able to keep his calm and master his mind in the most critical situations. His extensive knowledge of political affairs, and his strong sense of justice, make of him an indispensable asset for the team.

Lt. Nina Delenda:

A former bounty hunter, who shares a strong connection with the Force. Nina has been hired by Horatio Halca when she was twenty. Despite her youth, she is now second in command of Nova unit.

Nina has kept a strong temper from her past activities, but she holds a deep respect for her superior and Ship, her partner for almost two years. 

He's Nina's partner, and a former member of the Imperial special forces. Ship has been recruited on Nar Shaddaa just a few months after Nina, when he was working as a smuggler for one of Coruscant kingpin.

He is an experienced tactician, as well as an expert in a wide variety of weapons. Ship never talks about his time in the army, and it is obvious that it is a difficult subject for him. Like most of Nova members, Ship is a man with a past. Nevertheless, his teammates considered him as a good fellow and a funny guy. 


Custom music:

"Prep for a flight", respectively renamed "genesis_theme", is taken from "Serenity original soundtrack" composed by David Newman. "Serenity" ( is the latest Scifi movie written and directed by Josh whedon. I STRONGLY recommend you to watch this movie and/or the TV show... What, you're still there? Go buy the DVD!

Voice actors:

Lt Nina Delenda:..................................Inyri Forge
Horatio Halca:....................................Brian "Shadriss" Goodrich
Kahlyr Elvan:.....................................Kessno11
Kaplan:...........................................Simon "Kengo" Williams
Ship:.............................................Craig "Wokky" Yates

Original story:

Larry Mcbruce

Mapping and scripting:

Larry McBruce

Custom textures and menus:

Larry McBruce

Beta testing:

Lasse Vääriskoski
Brian Goodrich

Additional testing:

Inyri Forge, Craig Yates, Simon Williams, Kessno11


Inyri Forge
Lasse Vääriskoski
Simon Williams
Craig yates
Brian Goodrich

Many thanks for your support, and your patience :)

Very special thanks:

George Lucas


NOTE: No materials contained herein may be used without the written consent of the author. 


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