Ninja 2

JEDIofONE's review of the first version of this skin:

This is a re-skin of the in-game Cultist model. The skin's colours have be...


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JEDIofONE's review of the first version of this skin:

This is a re-skin of the in-game Cultist model. The skin's colours have been changed to grayscale, except for the the skin on the face. The clothing is black and dark gray, with startling white kanji.

First off, let me say you can never go wrong with black. Trés chic! Thus, I like the default skin immensely. Unfortunately, the blue version is rather bizarre, with solid blue and green textures. The red version is slightly better, as the red of the skin and the orange colour (Yes, Amy, it's "colour". ) work together better. If it were me, I'd change the green to blue, and make the kanji subtler; it definitely needs bots! Regardless, grab this version and unleash the sneakiness within!

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Sneaky ninja skin!

Cons: 1) Bizarre team colors. 2) No bots.

Rating: 7/10

Well, it looks like JEDIofONE should be happy with this skin now. The author took the suggestions that JEDIofONE made and recreated the team skins and stuff. I like the team skins. They're a bit more muted in colour which makes sense for a ninja. Though I have to say the sounds included are a little ... odd. Most of the death sounds are mostly music. *shrug* Whatever blows the author's skirt up though, I guess.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Name: Ninja2
Author: {NJO}Pilo T
Version: 2, and probably final
Model: Cultist
New Sounds: Yes
Team Support: Yes (Blue Modified!)
Bot support: Added!
NPC: Added!

This is my Ninja skin, cause Ninjas kick ass.
This is version 2, I’ve read JediOfOne’s review of my previous skin and changed the sleeves and hands of the blue skin, I’ve made the writing on the clothes dimmer on default and blue team, red team is basically unchanged. I learned how to make bots and NPCs soon after finishing my Ron Burgundy skin, so Version 2 has both. This pk3 includes 4 NPCs… Ninja2, which is a normal, player friendly ninja, Evil_ninja2, which is the same as the first only it will attack you and the first NPC, Blue_Ninja2, same as the first NPC only it uses the blue Ninja Skin, and Red_Ninja2… which is the same as Evil_Ninja2 except with the red team skin. The NPCs are lightning quick and spawning 5-10 Blue_Ninja2s and then 5-10 Red_Ninja2s can be fun to watch. This is most likely the final version.

NOTE: The NPCs use Cultist and Reborn sounds because the sounds Ninja2 uses are not good for massive NPC slaughterfests, trust me ;)

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