Ninja: Assassins of the Night v3

Seems to me a lot of skins these days aren't new, but improved versions of skins or models we already have. There are several skins here. Ev...


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Seems to me a lot of skins these days aren't new, but improved versions of skins or models we already have. There are several skins here. Even more than what the screenshots show. These are reskins of the popular Ninja model by Jimesu_Evil. You'll find some hidden skins and how to get to them in the readme. Enjoy!

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> Ninja: Assassins of the Night v3
> *******************
> Skinners:                                        : Andrew Pemberton : Darkahn
>                                                  : Unknown        
>   : Inyri Forge
> Beta Testers:                                    : Darkel, Siko, Kavani
> Clan                                             : The Galactic Empire
> Email/MSN                                        :
> AIM                                              : IxI Darkahn IxI
> Clan Site                                        : 
> My Personal Webiste                              : 
> (Upcoming)
> Version : 3.0 Omega for JKA
> New Textures : Yes
> New Shaders : No
> New Scripts: No
> New Sounds: Yes (Silent)
> New Models: No
> Normally accessable skins in this pack
> Ninja: White
> Ninja: Black
> Ninja: Grey
> Ninja: Master
> Ninja: Armored (Tenchu)
> Ninja: Green
> There are other skins, such as the katana versions, which much be 
> accessed with /model.
> Comments : After seeing Tim's reskin of the Samurai model by 
> Jimesu_Evil at, a Ninja, I was amazed.
> However, I noticed some things most people didn't like that well, 
> such as the topknot, belt and katana.
> As well, I noticed the textures on the model looked awful on 
> bright screens. (they turned a light green)
> So, I decided, to make a reskin of this reskin of the Samurai 
> Model. The textures have been 'softened' and made cloth/silk like.
> They appear black even on the brightest of screens, as well, 
> numerous hidden skin files are in the PK3.
> V2 Comments: Gah, I found some bad glitches, with the sound, few 
> textures, and icons, due to an older PK3 file and
> lazyness on my part. I am VERY sorry for all the people who've 
> already downloaded version 1.
> However, to make up for this, the 'robes' version has been 
> REMOVED, in it's place are three new hidden skins.
> The icons have been fixed, the sound has been fixed, as well all 
> texture glitches have been fixed.
> There are NO new team skins in this version, I just can't get 
> them the way I want. If anyone can help me with this
> (I need a good looking dark red Ninja and a good looking dark 
> blue Ninja for team colors, I do NOT want Paintshop Colorizations 
> again)
> please e-mail me and they will be included in a V3 along with credit.
> V3 Comments: Thanks to all the people who beta tested 
> this/provided new skins. Inyri Forge has given me the textures 
> for the following skins,
> green version, white version, grey version, red version, blue 
> version. There are several skins here which were personal 
> requests, so the commands
> for them will not be shown. If you want to use these, you'll have 
> to open the PK3 up and find them. All of the beta testers got a 
> personal skin.
> I also release today my skin, Hell Spectre: Demons of the 
> Shadows. I release this on the 60th anniversary of the Liberation 
> of Auschwitz.
> We should never forget the holocaust and the horrors commited by 
> the Nazis. However, we should also not be ignorant
> to the crimes commited by the Allied Forces against both German 
> Soldiers and Civilians, such as the British using Slave labor,
> POW killings by Americans, and slave labor by Soviets. I release 
> these two skins on this day purposefully.
> Most hidden skins in V2 have been made availible by the screen. 
> The rest, you're going to have to find yourself.
> How to 'some' hidden versions of the skins:
> model shinobiassassin/katana: For the black ninja with the katana.
> model shinobiassassinwhite/katana : For the white ninja with the katana.
> model shinobiassassingrey/katana : For the grey ninja with the katana.
> model shinobiassassingreen/katana : For the green ninja with the katana.
> model shinobiassassingreen/reptile : Heh. Mortal Kombat fans 
> should know who this is. It's not the perfect skin, but it's good.
> model shinobiasasssintenchu/katana : For the armored ninja with the katana.
> model shinobiassassinmaster/armor : For the armored Master Ninja.
> model shinobiassassinmaster/armorhelmet : For the armored Master 
> Ninja with a helmet.
> There are about 6 other hidden versions. Feel free to list them 
> in the comment section if you find em. ;)
> Four of them have torso armor.
> Thanks to :
> My clan for not bothering me when I was working on it.
> The author of the original Ninja reskin of the Samurai Model, 
> Tim. His skin is availible at
> The author of the wonderful Samurai Model, Jimesu_Evil.
> All sites hosting my skin.
> George Lucas.
> (Soke) Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi for running the Buujinkan Ninjitsu 
> Dojo, for which I am a proud member of.
> NOTES: Despite requests, I will not be making a fully armored 
> robeless version, to resemble Armored Rikimaru in Tenchu 1.
> This is because all this would end up being is a gray-scaled 
> Samurai with a cloth mask.
> Installation : Just put the ninjaassassin.pk3 in your 
> gamedata/base -folder. 'Nuff said.

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