Ninja Trando

Here's something fairly new. A Ninja Trando. We don't really see too many Trandoshan skins, so it's nice to see one every now and then. This...


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File Description

Here's something fairly new. A Ninja Trando. We don't really see too many Trandoshan skins, so it's nice to see one every now and then. This skin lives up to it's name fairly well. It feels like a Ninja should - dark and form-fitting clothes, straps, leather, and of course the mask. The eyes are cool, kinda creepy, but cool. The color choice seems a little odd though. The dark blue is nice, and fits in well with the rest of the skin, but would a Ninja really wear blue? I don't know, but aside from that, this definetly fits the bill as a ninja. This skin has some downsides to it though - No Bot/NPC Support, Team Colors, or New Sounds. Also, this Ninja Trandoshan seems to replace the default one. I suppose in Single Player it might be kinda nice to see a change in the Trandoshan, but I'd rather have it separate.

Oh, and don't forget to read the desciption in the readme describing the story behind the skin. ;)

Bottom Line: This is overall a good skin, and a nice change from the flood of Jawas, Wookies, Roshes, and Reborns. ;) Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No -Replaces the default Trandoshan

~ Innocent Hawk

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Skin Name: Ninja trandoshan
Author : Shady-D

Installation: Extract .pk3 in base folder

Description: A group of trandoshans were send out to explore a dead planet called:
Yakbar. However that was 2000 years ago, None of the trandoshans were found except
for the one called "Tacka Jitsu". They doubt wether he is a trandoshan or not.He has
the looks of a Trandoshan but have some things normal Trandoshans dont have. Not only
is his life spawn longer than 2000 years, he is still fit and young. He has the ability
to use the force without any formal training. He is able to survive in extreme cases.
No one knows why he covered his mouth. Some say he is just acting silly. Other say
his mouth is extremely ugly. However only few know that he has studied the ways of
the ninja by himself in the middle of no-where using only books he had brought with him.
It is not certain why this semi-trandoshan's skin is blue and scale-less, Though it doesnt
look like it the skin can resist a saber slash and is immune to ice.. Not much is
known about this ninja.. One thing is sure though.. He can kick ASS!

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