Mith's review of the first version of this Ninja skin: Howdy folks, well it's my pleasure to bring to you a skin known only as...


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Mith's review of the first version of this Ninja skin:

Howdy folks, well it's my pleasure to bring to you a skin known only as Ninja. Where to start with this skin, okay well you know ninja's are like black clothes and stuff, well this guy certainly has the black going on, he's got it in spades (also black tee hee ). The cultist was a good choice of skin in my opinion, those robes seem to match the ninja image perfectly, although it's impossible to tell as it seems that they are just plastered with black, no texturing or detail really. Unless you count the print on his shirt saying "Ninja". In bold red letters, I mean how obvious is that. If I was a ninja I don't think I'd like to be trying to hide in the shadows and then get spotted for having a large crest on my chest (ooh I'm a poet and I never knew!) that blatantly reveals my position, then again this isn't splinter cell . Oh and those eyes! Spooky, perhaps he's some kind of demon ninja that wants to steal souls and argh! Umm yeah don't mind me

What I was happy to see in the PK3 were team skins, red and blue. Imagine my surprise when I load them up and find that the red skin is just the cultist in red and the Blue skin is just the same old black ninja. Sadly there are no custom sounds either, although I don't really know what would be a good taunt for a ninja. If this is the Author's first attempt at a skinning job I say that you are well on the way to learning and that you know more about it that I do. Just add a bit of texture to that skin and maybe add some custom sounds too.

As Mithran points out, this is a good model for a Ninja skin, but it seems silly that a Ninja would broadcast in bright letters what he is. ;) Well, they're green now, but still ... yeah. In any case, this is a simple skin that may just work for you.

The team skins are just the same as the default, but with red and blue lettering instead of green. There are no new sounds, but should be. Maybe we'll see an update sometime soon.

Oh, I totally almost forgot about the second skin included here. It's a clan skin, I'm thinking, since all it has on it is WCN. It's a black reborn, with ... what is that ... peach? The team skins are, of course, red and blue.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download '' (1.32MB)

jk3 gamename: [WCN]master_ninja used to be [NKR]master_ninja[JG]
jk3files name: master_ninja

simply extract to (C:), prgramfiles,lucas arts, gamedata, base

the is my second version of my ninja skin and first version of my WCN clan reborn_ninja skin.  please post what you would like to see in the comments.  this is a reskin of the cultist and reborn made by Raven.

team support: yes
new sounds:no ?don't know how?
bot support:no ?don't know how?

plz e-mail me if you know how

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