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Since this is basically a fix, I'll simply quote my previous review and do a changelog.

Not very often someone decides to do the...


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Since this is basically a fix, I'll simply quote my previous review and do a changelog.

Not very often someone decides to do the pyramid thing, eh?

Well, sadly, this one's quite bugged. I'll start with the good points first, though.

A decent amount of space for duelling inside, although freedom of movement isn't a positive factor. Still, this should cut down on the jump-flip move spam I usually see. There's a nice bit of space outside for running around, which can be utilised for fun little things such as Tauntaun Races. The inside is somewhat reminiscent of how a pyramid would be laid out, so extra points for that limited degree of authenticity. Not a clan tag in sight either, so it can be used by other clans or freelance servers with no worries.

Now, onto the bugs.

Missing textures are quite prevalent throughout. This is because custom textures have been used, but not included in the pk3. There was no music (not that I could hear, anyway), which doesn't help when it comes to atmosphere building. The lighting is bland - mostly just the same light used in different spots, with no sources or variation. The inside was slightly cramped, and while that's good for encouraging a particular duel style, a little more space would have been nice. Guns have been included, but the map is really too small for them to be usable.

Oh, and lightsaber weapon spawns are useless, unless you happen to be playing Jedi Master - and if you're on JKA, it's a very high probability that you're not.

This isn't so bad, though, and if you have Sith Council v2, most if not all of the custom textures will display just fine. I'd really advise the author to do more to make their maps that little extra bit more interesting in future, as well as taking into consideration aspects such as space and playability.

Oh, and some Egyptian textures would have been awesome. Korriban is just... ick.

Changes: - Missing texture issues fixed. - Lighting redone and sources added. - Z-fighting fixed. - Slight architectural changes.

If you used the older version, you'll probably want to get this new, updated version to cure the problems.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: No Custom Models: No Custom Textures: Yes Custom Music: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: NIO Pyramid Final Version
AUTHOR: James Skywalker
FILENAME: NIO_ffa1final.pk3
FILESIZE: 1.16mb
DATE RELEASED: 28 August 2006 

CREDITS: I would like to give credit to anyone whose work I used or borrowed, including textures from Sith Council v2.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Delete the old version of this map (if you downloaded it) and unzip the pk3 files into your Gamedata/base folder 

DESCRIPTION: The first of a series of NIO FFA and TFFA maps.

BUGS: I dont know of any more bugs. Comment about them or email me if you find anymore that i missed. 

COMMENTS: In this version I added light sources and fixed textures and minor z-fighting. This map was created for the New Imperial order clan. (This map has No custom Clan textures).


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