NIO vs. 3MJ and TCP Clan Battle

I've seen clan videos, but those generally had some sort of a purpose. This, however, is just a clan match. Nope, it's not a big huge, fun...


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I've seen clan videos, but those generally had some sort of a purpose. This, however, is just a clan match. Nope, it's not a big huge, fun ffa, but a three on three team match. The camera moves are shaky, but it's a first time video and camera control improves over time. (or so I hear) My main criticisms lie with the fighting styles used in the movie. I mean, really, throughout most of the movie a majority of the NIO players were using dual sabers, which are incredibly overpowered. Not only were they using overpowered sabers, but they kept on spamming special moves. There's nothing that ticks me off more than someone spamming a special move. Dfa's I can handle. Dual fanning, not a chance.

Well, this only really tells us who's fighting in the battle, but not who wins. That's one thing that's needed. The other thing is for the author to tweak his sound settings. Turn off ingame music and voice. If you really want to have all of the saber clash sounds then have them, but you'll still get an annoying click when someone chats. And lastly, turn up the music! If it's one thing that improves a video, it's good music.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: New Imperial Order Vs. 3MJ and TCP (Lo-Res)
AUTHOR**: James Skywalker

FILENAME: NIO_vs._3MJ_and_ TCP_(Lo-Res).wmv
FILESIZE: 26.1 mb 
DATE RELEASED: 5 June 2006 

CREDITS**: I would like to thank NIO (New Imperial Order) and 3MJ and TCP (sorry for not knowing what your clan tags mean btw.) for allowing me to record and make a video of our clan battle. Also i would like to thank Lucasarts and Raven Games for creating the Jedi Knight series. The first song played i have no idea who created it but i got it from a JK3 map called rancor arena or something. The second song I included in the video was by Pillar and it is called "Bring Me Down".

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: unzip the video file where you want.

DESCRIPTION: A clan battle video. (I made this for the clans that participated in the battle and for anyone else that is interested.) 

COMMENTS: I know that it all is repetitive fighting and not many fancy camera moves but i took this video all alone with the thought that it would be cool and it was a spur of the moment idea that i had before the clan battle actually started. I hope that everyone that watches it enjoys it. (Sorry for some of the repetitive camera moves.)
The video was taken with an awesome video game recorder called Fraps. I created and edited the video with Adobe Premier Pro. The file size of the video used to be 1.60 gb but i loaded it into Windows Movie Maker in order to make the video smaller in size because i am a noob with Adobe Premier Pro. :)


**Required items: Windows Media Player or DivX

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