There is something about this map I really like. I think it's the weather. Nivalis is a decidedly snowy map. Not only is it snowy, but it's...


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There is something about this map I really like. I think it's the weather. Nivalis is a decidedly snowy map. Not only is it snowy, but it's very much blizzardy. It's very difficult to see where you're going, so I was glad the author provided the screenshots else I might not have been able to find everything, even despite this map's relatively small size.

The map consists of two areas: a small, indoor section, and a much larger outdoor section. The indoor section is secluded from the snow falling outside, but as I mentions it is relatively small, so you will be quite vulnerable. Outside is a different story. The snow reduces visibility, and even despite the glowing lightsaber it's very difficult to see things at a distance. It will be far easier for you to sneak up on your foe. Of course it's easier for them to do the same, as well.

The map contains an interesting choice in music: Vivaldi. In fact, it is the Winter concerto from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Fitting, it seems, given the swirling snow. There was one thing missing, though: ambient sounds. It was amazing to see so much snow falling, but no wind or other snow-related sounds. It was kind of disappointing, but probably not all that noticible for most people. The author also claims the map is meant for role-play. Whilst I'm sure that's what he had in mind, I personally can't see this map being great for role-play. Not only is 75% of it hard to see, but it's just not very interactive. It still seems like a great map for saber fights, though. Give it a try if you're looking for another good snow map.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes


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Download '' (10.95MB)

Map name	: Nivalis
Map background	: A old village long since claimed by the cold. For more information please read 			 	 the Nivalis story in the zip.
Filesize:		: 8.71 MB (Map: 7.78 MB)
Filename:	: Nivalis.pk3
Game		: Jedi Academy Multi-Player
Game Type	: Free for All
Date Released       : 08 November 2006 

Author		: Watcher (ERP_Watcher)
Email		: N/A
Web		: N/A

Map description	: A small indoor 'outpost' with a large outside snowy area.

Credits		: George Lucas – For making this all possible.
		  Raven Software – For creating the game.
		  MGM and all the people who helped make Stargate – For providing one of the best 				  Sci-Fi programs in existence.
                        	  Berle – For his amazing advice/guidance and his DHD and gate texture.
		  Wade – For his wonderful gate and DHD models and for his event horizon textures.
		  Kirby – For making me vocalise my story.
		  ERP: SG – For existing and giving people who love Stargate a place to roleplay in.
		  Szico VII – For giving out the .map file of BlueIce so I could discover patch meshes  :P.
		  Vivaldi – For creating a great song.
		  My Mind – For providing me with a place to go when I was bored and a place to 			  	  think when I wasn’t.

Installation Instructions: Place Nivalis.pk3 in Gamedata/base folder (or what ever mod you happen to be using). 


Map type		    : FFA

New Textures            : Yes 

New Sounds             : No

New Skins                : No

New Objects             : Yes

New Music               : Yes

Botroutes	   : Yes

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 2116
Entity Count             : 24
Software used          : Radiant 1.4.
Known Bugs            : Two error messages in the console, none of them affect game play. No weapon spawns as                                 this was intended to be an RP map (not really a bug just thought I would mention it.)


* Copyright / Permissions *


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