NJO clan Map and Skin

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Well this is certainly an interesting pack. For all you NJO clan members and friends, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The NJO pack contains everything you’ll need; the NJO clan map, and bonus NJO clan skin. Now then… as for those who are not NJO members, you might as well forget this pack. Mind you there’s nothing horribly WRONG with this pack, but at the same time, its not really worth the dl. In the readme, the mapper says that he’s new at mapping, and it is obvious in the map quality. This map basically consists of a few boxy rooms connected by doorways. There’s the one room you start in, a duel room to one side, and a room with a staircase in the other. If you look under the staircase you can go down a small passage that leads to room with a pool of water. If you go up the staircase you get to some overhead glass parts where you can see into the rooms, and also go to the best room on the map, which I’ll call the “war” room. This room consists of two bunker building that contain all the weapons in the game, wit some obstacles in between. Very nice setup for a shootout }>. This map does not include any new textures, (actually it seems to be missing some), nor does it have bot support or even a level shot! On the other hand it does have new music which is a plus. It also has the bonus of coming with the NJO clan skin, which although doesn’t have team colors or bot support, is still kind of cool looking. Altogether, both these pieces (the map and skin) are pretty good for new editors; however they lack too many parts to get a high score. Still maybe a updated version with a few touch ups and generally more complete. Still not a bad start. ~DeathBringer}>

MAP New Music: Yes New Textures: No Bot Support: No

SKIN Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No




Put the pk3 (included in this zip) in the base folder
The base folder is usualy:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base
Otherwise it is where ever the game is installed.

Note - This is a JKIII map

This map was created for the NJo clan as their first map. I am very new at mapping (only a few days experience) so it might not be of high standard. It can be used as a FFA map, with a few rooms for dueling, but can also be used as a CTF and TFFA map with the two bases in the arena. However, this has not been tested so i dont know if it works. Anway have fun on the map, and i advise you to put weapons on for this map.
This map also contains the NJO clan skin, but no further action is needed because of this.

Developed by DarkRevolution
In game called {NJO}Dark
Email me feedback at [email protected]
Visit the NJO website http://www.njojk3.cjb.net/

This map is entirely my work, but i was helped my my clan friend Abyss to understand some of the principles
Also the music was taken from the JKII map ffa_Matrix_dojo

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