No-Name Story - Episode I - Boredom

Okay...This video certainly lived up to it's name. But, besides being boring, it had a little bit of humor, once you got the subtitles to w...


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Okay...This video certainly lived up to it's name. But, besides being boring, it had a little bit of humor, once you got the subtitles to work. I had to download a different media player just so that I could watch this with subtitles, and I don't like to download separate things for one mod. But, it did make it worth it, and just in case your media player can't handle subtitles, the author has provided a small list of players that support subtitles.

Okay, this video is basically an introduction to the characters in it, who are just standing around, thinking, and doing nothing. One of the people goes out scouting, find something in a cave (nyah, I'm not telling you!), then runs away to get everyone else. They all come back to the cave, and that's where the video ends. The first thing that this could have used is voice acting. No subtitles, not even when characters are thinking, if you must put in subtitles, put them in with the video itself. The second thing that this needed was better camera control, in some places the camera was too far away, and the movement was also jerky. But, good camera control comes with practice, so hopefully we'll see some improvement. Remember, voice acting is a good thing. Another thing, for a seven minute video, this has an immense filesize, so try using some video compression. While it might lessen your resolution, and I'm not sure if it will, it won't scare as many people off by its size.


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A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Video
TITLE: No-Name Story - Episode I - Boredom
AUTHOR: W4rbird

FILENAME: No-Name Story - Episode I -
DATE RELEASED: 02.06.2006

CREDITS: I used the following items:
- Zora v2 skins - Me0is0Jade;
- Zabrac male species pack (original writing of 'Zabrac') - >Cel< ;
- Magna-Guard Electrostaff - Hatrus;
- Electrostaff Fixed v3 (changed effects and sounds) - Khyron Jinn;
- Battlefront Endor map - Lindsey and Nokill;
- music from SJC's 'Falcon trailer' - SJC;
- other music parts - John Williams, Jeremy Soule;
- Star Jedi fonts (freely available) - Boba fonts (Davide Canavero);
- the rest - Raven Software, LucasArts Ltd.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Well, it can be a little tricky. Unpack all files wherever you want, but... READ a description below.

DESCRIPTION: I don't want to tell about movie's story. This is what you must discover yourself :) Instead of this, I must say a few more words about TECHNICAL ASPECTS. First, as you may noticed, there is a subtitle file called 'Episode I subtitles' inside of the archive. You must load it if you want to watch and understand this movie, otherwise it'll be completely WITHOUT SENSE. To do this, you need a video player of your choice which supports subtitle *.txt files. There are many free players available, e.g. VPlayer, All Player, Cinus Player, BEST Player (not recommended), these are four I only know; there are other, better ones, of course. Besides, if know what I mean, you probably know what's going on :) Note that, these subtitle are optimized for 4 secs interval, so please change player's setting to that value; of course if you have problems with that speed reading, you can change it, but then bugs will occur (you can edit subtitles and set times best for you). 
Second, when I was writing subtitles I used, shall I say, a few conventions in keyboard characters. So:
- a sentence followed by '/' means that is spoken by the narrator (there is such word?), in other words: BY ME;
- a sentence without any additional characters means normal sentence spoken by visible person;
- a sentence in &quot; &quot; means that a person is not speaking , only thinking about something;
- a sentence followed by '-' means that you can't see (or don't know :P) which person says something, e.g. one guy says something and the second joins him, and because we can't hear him, the sentence is followed by '-' ;
Ok, let's test your knowledge :P What means and how many person we have in: 
- Farewell! - &quot;Hehehehehehh...&quot; - &quot;Blah blah blah.&quot;      ?
The answer is: we have 4 persons: first we can't see, second we can see but he/she is only thinking not speaking, third we can't see and he/she also only thinks, because the camera had been focused to the fourth person, which we can see, but actually she/he isn't speaking. Simple, isn't it? :P
But it was the worst case. There isn't such situations in this movie. So, this is the first of 3 (+ epilogue) episodes. Enjoy.
A few screenshots showing subtitles in action :) + Episode I poster which could be posted to the site.

MOVIE DURATION: 7 mins and 44 secs

REQUIREMENTS: XviD 1.0.3 codec (or later), I also noticed that the newest DivX codec can handle XviD movies (but it's not so good), and any video player that supports subtitles in *.txt format.


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