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Once in a while you get a modder who takes out all the stops and puts out something truly grand. I'd like to think this is one of those mods...


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Once in a while you get a modder who takes out all the stops and puts out something truly grand. I'd like to think this is one of those mods. After all, how many modders are willing to even attempt single player mods, much less do them and do them well?

This is the next installment in the popular Nina series, following her exploits as a member of the elite Nova Unit, a law-enforcement team meant to ease the burden on the Jedi Order. Nina's duty in this segment is to infiltrate a base on the planet Torukia which has been taken over by Remnant forces. The map itself is well-made, and you will find that you'll have to get all the way to one end of the map just to open a door near the very beginning. There are some helpful hints in the read-me, so make sure to check those out.

Larry McBruce says that this map was inspired by the Ghost in the Shell series, so I can not appreciate any similarities between the two as I have never seen Ghost in the Shell. Maybe some of you guys can recognize those similarities, however. The feel of the map is consistent throughout, and the texturing is wonderfully done. The base has a very dark atmosphere, but not so dark that you can't see. The lights within the map seem to be well-placed, and each light has a distinct source, and even better is that the size of the light entity reflects the size of the light source. There are no little light bulbs casting light across a hundred-foot stretch of corridor.

You'll probably want to rely on your lightsaber throughout this map, as there are few ammunition packs to pick up, though you could keep yourself well-equipped from the blasters the stormtroopers will drop. There are also very few shield and health pickups, so keep yourself healthy if you want to survive. There are a good number of enemies throughout the map, mostly stormtroopers, but occasionally you will be faced with a dark jedi or saber droid.

And if all that wasn't enough to peak your interest, the final battle features Battle of the Heros music. I'm sure that will interest some of you.

I did find one potentially large bug. After I defeated the final enemy, it locked up. The cutscene finished and went to a black screen where the music just kept on going. I could still access the console, however. It doesn't seem like a conflict with another mod, either, because I emptied out base and it still occured. However by this point you've basically experienced everything there is to experience. If anyone else can confirm this error, maybe we can talk Larry into a quick fix for it ;)

Even despite the bug, I strongly recommend a download. It's not every day we're blessed with single-player mods.

New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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#Nina: Nova Unit#

(c) 2006 Larry McBruce


  First of all, I really want to say a big thank to those who have contributed to this little mod. Your help and your support have been much appreciated. So again thank you.

  This new level has been mostly inspired by the “Ghost in the Shell” franchise, and especially the “Stand alone complex” series; so, don’t be surprised if you find some similarities between this mod and the G.i.t.s universe. There's also a couple of references to other video games (bloodlines and such...)

Installation instructions:

  The installation is really simple. Extract "" into your GameData folder (By default C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Gamedata). It will create a subfolder called "Nova_Unit", as well as a very useful batch file (Nova_unit.Bat). Just click on it, and it will launch the game. See? Nothing really difficult here. 

  Please note that this level only supports English. Make sure your game is set on English language in order to avoid all kinds of undesirable effects during the game.

Gameplay notes:

  There're some interactive elements in this new level, that can be activated by force powers (push or pull). Try to use them at your advantage during a fight.

  When you reach the lower level, you must locate and destroy three panels, in order to disable the forcefield protecting the access to the auxiliary console.


Nova Unit:

  A special assault force reporting only to the Chancellor. This highly trained team has been assembled to assist temporarily the outnumbered Jedi knights. Nova is officially acting as a law-enforcement unit, with a mission to identify and eliminate all kinds of criminal activities... One way or another.


Horatio Halca: 

  Horatio is the man behind Nova creation, and its actual director. He was a senator in the final days of the Old Republic, and befriended senator Mon Mothma during these dark times. Horatio naturally joined the Alliance shortly after the formation of the Glactic Empire.

  Horatio is generally described as a "cool-head", able to keep his calm and master his mind in the most critical situations. His extensive knowledge of political affairs, and his strong sense of justice, make of him an indispensable asset for the team.

Lt. Nina Delenda:

A former bounty hunter, and the younger sister of the fallen Sith lord Tavion. As her late sibling, Nina shares a strong connection with the Force, but she has always been afraid to use it at its full potential. Tavion's death has been very traumatic for her, but she never talks about it.

Hired by Horatio Halca when she was twenty, Nina is now second in command of Nova Unit. Nina has gained maturity, experience and patience since her last adventure. She still have a strong temper and can be very irreverent at times, but it is often to hide her own feelings and her doubts. The young woman holds a deep respect for her superior, and her teammates.

He's Nina's partner, and a former member of the Imperial special forces. Ship has been recruited on Nar Shaddaa just a few months after Nina, when he was working as a smuggler for one of Coruscant kingpin.

He is an experienced tactician, as well as an expert in a wide variety of weapons. Ship never talks about his time in the army, and it is obvious that it is a difficult subject for him. Like most of Nova members, Ship is a man with a past. Nevertheless, his teammates considered him as a good fellow and a funny guy. 

Dalrem Aldeo:

Dalrem Aldeo was one of the very first student to join the newly formed Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. He was already an aged man when the Jedi master Luke Skywalker started his training.

During his formation, he progressed very quickly, but showed a growing mistrust towards the New Republic, and especially the Galactic Senate. For Aldeo, the Senate was indeed a place plagued with corruption and misused power. He fled from the Academy when his homeworld, the planet Torukia Prime, joined the Republic.

Voice actors:

Lt Nina Delenda:................................................Inyri Forge
Chancellor Alamasy:..........................................Simon Williams
Dalrem Aldeo:.......................................Ewok Mercenary for Hire
Horatio Halca:.....................................................Shadriss
Kyle Katarn:........................................Ewok Mercenary for Hire
Luke Skywalker:................................................Gugeyewalker
Ship:.........................................................Larry McBruce

Mapping and scripting:

Larry McBruce

Custom textures and menus:

Larry McBruce

Original story:

Larry Mcbruce

Beta testing:

Simon "kengo" Williams

Additional testing:

Inyri Forge, Ewok Mercenary for Hire, Gugeyewalker

Text crawl:

Larry McBruce, Shadriss, Ewok Mercenary for Hire.


Simon Williams
Ewok Mercenary for Hire
Inyri Forge

Many thanks for your help, and your patience :)

Very special thanks:

MAP-REVIEW.COM community



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