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For once I read the readme before testing the map and thank goodness! Apparently, hidden deep within this Sith Academy is a secret room wher...


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For once I read the readme before testing the map and thank goodness! Apparently, hidden deep within this Sith Academy is a secret room where death awaits the curious. While I am normally quite curious, I decided to just stick to the safe corridors and rooms here. So I have no idea what's waiting beyond. Have fun exploring that!

Yes, this is a Sith Academy and there are already a few out there. This one though, has one of the greatest bars I've seen. Well, simply because Nozy mentioned some great beers. ;) And I do love that he added coasters on the bar and tables. The atmosphere is that of a Sith Academy, I would think - there's lava everywhere and for some reason, Sith and lava go hand-in-hand. There's a large training room in the back that offers Easy, Medium and Hard NPCs to spawn and duel. Other than that, I'd say this is your average FFA that's designed more for a sabers only FFA server where the players prefer to duel and maybe hang out and chat. Not a bad map, Nozy. I look forward to seeing more of your work since you seem to keep improving.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy Sith Academy v1

Title: Sith Academy
Author: Nozyspy

Date Released: 17/3/05
Game Type: FFA/TFFA

New Textures: Yes

New Music/Sounds: Yes, sort of (its some slightly edited music from jk2)

Installation: Put the sith_academy.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Info: This is a Sith Academy, one of a few, buried underground, deep in the craggy volcanic mountains
of Korriban. It is here that the force wielding Assassins of the Sith are trained. 
The Masters of the Academy, during construction, used the natural lava flows produced by the nearby 
volcano's to provide not only heating for the cold Korriban nights, but also lighting in some of the more dark 
rooms of the Academy. You can even hear the dull roar of the lava rushing through the tubes beneath your feet, 
sometimes it even sounds as if its going to burst through the floor, in a great, deadly, orange and red fountain. 
The deep reddish orange light created lends a heavy glowing atmosphere to the Academy, just the kind of thing the 
Sith like. 

There are also a few hidden rooms within the academy, some, are hidden on purpose for the sole use of 
the Masters of the Academy, however, one room has been....lost, it was hidden on purpose,
....why, nobody knows, but all the people who knew where it was have since died....leaving behind only a mystery. 
It is said that whomsoever finds the secret room will gain a great prize from the Masters of the Academy. 
But beware! The room has been lost for some time, and it is unknown what kind of condition it is in, for all anyone 
knows the unpredictable lava flows (which are carefully controlled, and used for heating and lighting, throughout 
the rest of the complex) could have melted through the walls or floor, so watch your step!

Comments: I consider it my best made and most perfect map (im obsessive when trying to make the map look EXACTLY what 
it looks like in my head) to date! :)

This is an academy map, so its mainly based around saber training rather than guns, but i have included a few guns 
for anyone who wants to use them, many of the guns, and ammo,(and even some health and shield packs) are sorta 
'hidden' in the dark places inbetween pillars and stuff so keep you eyes pealed and remember where they 
are when you find them!

I will also point out, that, as this is an academy map, there is also an 'admin area' that is only accessible with 
the ja+ mod /amtele command.

The sky-lights were inspired from the Korriban level of Knights of the Old Republic.

I worked really hard to get the atmosphere just right, so i hope you enjoy it :)

Hopefully there might be a version 2 of this sometime in the future!

Credits: hhmmmmm well *i THINK* the lava shader script was origionaly created or something by Szico VII, he said i 
could use it anyway, so cheers for that! Ive modified it only slightly.

Also a MASSIVE thank you to Sith J Cull for helping to greatly increase the fps throughout the map, 
showing me how to do areaportals, showing me how to do batchfile compiles, letting me use his lava sounds from his 
Mustafar map and a fair few other things! :D

So thats about it for the credits i think, 
Sorry if i missed anyone out!

Have Fun :D


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