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Ever get tired of playing against the same bots or NPC's? Want to create your own, but you don't know how? Do I sound like an infomercial at...


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Ever get tired of playing against the same bots or NPC's? Want to create your own, but you don't know how? Do I sound like an infomercial at like, 3 am? Yeah, well ... :P This is a very cool little program that takes you through each step in creating your own NPC. You name it, choose your player model, pick the default skin or one of the team versions, decide the NPC's size, pick the weapons that the NPC will favor, their saber color (can be custom too), their saber style, saber length, whether they use the alternate fire or not, force powers, their max force power, their regen rate, their behaviour and a ton of other things. I mean, you completely customize this NPC and it's so easy! You just click a box or move a slider over.

This program is still in its beta stage, so the author has asked that everyone who does download this and use it, to offer feedback. Let them know about any bugs, or any improvements you can think of. It seems to me that they've thought of everything for the easy creation of NPC's for this program, but you guys might find areas where they could improve. So be sure to read the readme so you'll know where to send your bug reports and suggestions. Great work guys!


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NPCTOOL Open Beta for Star Wars: Jedi Academy
by Kal El and Leslie Judge

Q: What is this?

A: It's a GUI based tool for creating/editing and
   saving NPC's for use in Star Wars Jedi Academy.
   It has pk3 support, checks for errors and has 
   template features. Check the Features/changelist
   for a more complete list of features.

Q: Why should I use this? Isn't creating NPC's easy?
A: It might be easy for you, but not everyone is as 
   talented as you ;). Even Raven made some mistakes
   in their NPC files. This tool should make it even
   easier and stop you from making any mistakes.

Q: How do I use this?

A: Unpack the NPCtool directory anywhere you want and
   doubleclick NPCTool- to start the
   program. The tool will ask you to specify the 
   location of the Jedi Academy base directory. If 
   you don't have Jedi Academy installed, you can't 
   run the program. Once the program is started, look
   around and try to figure it out, it should be 
   pretty easy to use. We'll be making a help/tutorial 
   file for the final version, but that would be a 
   lot easier when we've got some feedback from the 

Q: It looks complete enough, why a BETA?

A: There's only so much testing we can do and large
   group of BETA testers can find a lot more bugs
   a lot faster than we can. It will also help us
   creating a tutorial/helpfile when we get some feedback.

BETA Feedback/Contact information
We want as much feedback as we can get. Report any bugs, 
or things you just don't like to: or

Make sure you put "NPCtool BETA comment" into the subject,
so we can find your mail through all the spam. Also make
sure that your comments are in understandable english.

If you can't figure out how to use it, let us know.
Even if you like the tool and have nothing negative
to say about, let us know. Every little bit helps. 


- Mod: Template menu now has history as the file menu 
and the handling was altered a bit.

- Add: There's now custom PK3 support (from base and 
MOD folder too) for models, skins, skin icons, weapons, 
sabers, sounds. That means everything the program 

- Fix: Sabers with default values other than the standard 
default values (length 40 for single or 32 for staff, radius 
3) were not saved if you set their values to the standard 
default values. Now this works.

- Add: Templates menu and templates handling.
- Fix: Duplicating caused some some fields to get not the 
proper data, now it should be OK.
- Fix: Converting spaces to underscores (_) in file name 
also works now if you change the file name in the edit 

- Fix: Force powers sliders, behaviour sliders and rank 
are now saved correctly.
- Mod: NPC names can't contain spaces. Every space 
you type in will be converted to underscore (_).

- Mod: Now the customSkin icons selection is nicer and 
much faster. I think there will be no PK3 support for 
them. You don't want the program to extract all the icon 
files, do you?
- Fix: WP_NONE and WP_SABER are not doubled any 
WP_TUSKEN_STAFF are handled correctly.
- Mod: No more 'Copy from first blade' option for second 
blades of saber staffs.

- New: maximum of 9 most recently opened files in File 
- New: Support for skin icons either in JPG, PNG or TGA 
format. Seems a little ugly, I'll try to make it more good 
looking. No PK3 support for this yet.

- Mod: Changed duplicate to use incremental numbering 
instead of the 'Copy of' naming.
- New: Added file comment support
- Mod: Weapons are no longer baked in, they are 
extracted from weapons.dat. It can be in assets1.pk3, 
base/ext_data or the MOD folder's ext_data. Only 
baked weapons are WP_NONE and WP_SABER.
- Mod: You are no longer available to check 
WP_SABER and not select a saber.
- Fix: Models/skins are now loaded from base and MOD 
dir too, not just from assets1.pk3
- Mod: customRGBA is now available for every model.

Planned for final release (don't complain! :)

Currently working features (means: test them, please :)
- Loading NPC files
- Saving NPC files
- Editing various parameters with validity checking.
- Deleting NPCs
- Duplicating NPCs
- Support for PK3 files. It will read assets PK3s only.
- Support for a MOD folder not just the standard base.

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