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Whilst I agree that NPCs are certainly smarter than bots, you get to a certain point where you've watched enough NPCs duke it out that you b...


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Whilst I agree that NPCs are certainly smarter than bots, you get to a certain point where you've watched enough NPCs duke it out that you begin to wonder whether they're really better, or whether the bots just lack brains altogether. Personally if I were going to train myself to be a better JKA player (and let's face it, I'm a lost cause!) I certainly don't think I'd rely on NPCs to bring my skills up to par. However, to be fair, I suppose it's good practice when no one else is around. And if you can survive against these over-inflated NPCs, you deserve a medal!

This pack includes 11 NPCs, all using default game resources, that have some beefed up stats, and it is set up so that there are five levels of difficulty, with level 1 being the easiest and level 2 being the hardest. I have to admit, I wasn't planning on testing these in-game until I took a look at the NPC file. To whet your appetite, the first NPC in the NPC file has a force regen of 999 and 2000 HP. Sounds like fun, doesn't it!? To further amuse you, the second NPC in the list is a shadowtrooper with Chewbacca sounds. Now I couldn't resist getting a sample of that one in-game, and lo and behold I did hear a Wookiee roar or two. The odd thing about these is at least two of the NPCs sport at least four separate soundsets! There is even a Desann NPC with Ragnos and rancor sounds. Weird...

For those who enjoy testing their might against NPCs, this may be an ideal pack, as it provides both a challenge and a giggle here or there as that evil shadowtrooper screeches at you in Shyriiwook!

By the way, iron_gauntlet, the reason force_lvl_2 will make Tavion sounds sometimes is because you have set it to.

snd ragnos sndcombat rancor sndextra ragnos sndjedi tavion

You may want to check over your soundsets next time before packaging it up!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE : NPC trainning pack
AUTHOR  : iron_gauntlet

FILENAME : iron_gauntlet's npc trainning pack
DATE RELEASED : 20 Nov 2006

CREDITS : to Kal El and Leslie Judge for making the NPC tool and to Raven-Software and lucasarts

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : ok for "already know" ppl put this in base folder for newbies (I could have used this) if you have
windows 98 or XP (sry for those who don't) go to the start menu right click all Programs then click "explore all users" then click
program files find lucasarts then Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy then go to Game Data then Base and simple copy or move this file to the base folder =]
and for those of you without windows 98 or XP all I can say is put this in your Gamedata/Base directory sry 

DESCRIPTION : this is a npc pack that I made for personel trainning and for my clan CK (christian Knights) but anyone can use it, it has 11 npc's in it wich
include npc's that use force and those who don't both force and non-force have 5 levels also I included a infantry pack to practice fighting storms that are much
harder than are in the game. 

BUGS : sometimes the force_lvl_2 NPC will sound like tavion I think this is due to him useing tavions sword but I didn't think it a big deal and I like the sword =]

COMMENTS : this is my first mod to send to so I hope I did a good job and I hope you can enjoy the mod =] also if you want to do anything with my mod (unlikely but still)
then please give me the credit for my work you know say iron_gauntlet made the base npc pack or whatever =], no you don't have to e-mail me to mess with it just give me the credit for my work =]


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