NTaunts and NBots

Well, this is a simple mod, it does some fiddling with the bots and their taunts, changing a few things here and there. I thought that this...


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Well, this is a simple mod, it does some fiddling with the bots and their taunts, changing a few things here and there. I thought that this made some of the bots a bit more challenging, mainly by the fact that the ugnaught would use the secondary blaster rifle fire when you got close to it. Apparently some bots will team up, which is cool as well. But one thing that I think shouldn't have been changed was the bot taunts. Now that they're based around the presumption that the player is using scripts or spamming one move constantly. But other than those things, this looks pretty cool for those of you that like bot matches.

This should work in both Jk2 and JKA, with only a few issues in JKA. And what issues that might occur wouldn't be noticable.


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Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: NTaunts and NBots
AUTHOR: reelo
E-MAIL: jfbowler09@yahoo.com

This has probably been done before but instead of changing a few bots I changed them all.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the pk3's in the Base folder. You can have BOTH in at same time.

DESCRIPTION for NBots: I changed ALL bot personality files so they are a little bit tougher. They are
now allied with certain other bots, such as stormtroopers will not attack other stormtroopers.
I also changed their force and the color of saber some of the bots have. Be sure to check out the 
Ugnaught bot. =D

DESCRIPTION for NTaunts: I changed the taunts for Kyle, Desann, Tavion, TK-421, Swamptrooper, Jan,
Lando, Reborn, Worker, Ree-Yees (gran), Beedo (rodian), Bespin Cop, Trandoshan, Rebel, Jedi, and 
Imperial Officer. If you don't know how to taunt in the game just bring down the console with 
~ + Shift, and type in Bind (key) +taunt. Ex: Bind n +taunt so whenever you would press in your player
would taunt. If your just lazy just type in +taunt in the console. :)

NOTE: Yes I used other sounds in SP for the taunts if you think it's crap if I didn't make my
own taunts then go cry a river.

NOTE: Other players have to have the taunts to be able to hear them, if they don't they will just 
hear the default taunts.

NOTE: If a server has the NBots in their Base folder, players joining DO NOT have to have it
to see it. So if the server has the file even though the players don't, the players still fight
the new bots. So of all the servers the bots on the server with NBots will act different and the players
won't need to download anything to vs. the new bots.

NOTE: This could be better for people who have dial-up and can only play with bots.

CREDITS: I give credit to lucas arts for making the bots.

Bugs: I don't know of any bugs, sometimes if you don't hear the new taunts for the player try shutting
down the game then join again.


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