Obi-Wan Sheepoby

Obi-Wan Sheepoby. If only I knew why this guy was nicknamed Sheep, darn it. He did say in his readme though, that we don't want to know the...


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Obi-Wan Sheepoby. If only I knew why this guy was nicknamed Sheep, darn it. He did say in his readme though, that we don't want to know the reason. Hmm. Maybe it is better left unsaid. He also makes it clear that this skin has nothing to do with Obi-Wan - it just happens to be his favorite character in the SW universe. So he named his skin after it. And personally, I kinda like the name Obi-Wan Sheepoby. Okay, so, the skin though. I can't quite tell what's at this guy's throat - it looks a little like a lariat. But that, combined with the gold armor on just half of his chest and then the lighter colored boots ... he kinda looks like um, oooh ... I know ... like a space cowboy! *sings that one song* Anyway, the skin has a lot going on with it, but it still very much resembles the original model. His eyes glow and according to the author, it's because of the Force. :)

Thankfully, there is bot support, team skins and new sounds. There's are two custom taunts included. It seems a lot of effort went into the creation of the character and the author made sure to include all of the little extras that so many people leave out. I can't say that I like the skin really, but that's okay - it's not for me! :) It's Sheepoby's and he seems happy with it.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Obi-Wan SHEEPoby skin readme:


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away......

 Hello all! This is my first skin so id really love to tell her story.
Since I was a kid my favorite hobby was to sit in my couch and watch the
Star Wars Videos (triology of course).Im telling you guys, those films were
like drug for me and I still love them a lot.The guy that I most admired in those
mythical movies was (and is) Old Obi-Wan(ben)Kenoby. Then i grew up and i go to school
and one day my palls gave me a nickname, ''sheep'' (DO NOT ASK WHY!!!!).
Years and years later i discovered JK2 and now JK3 and i learn how to make skins, so i thought,
''why cant I make my own personage with my fave model and gave to her the soul of Obi-Wan?''
And Voilá! here it his!A reskin of my favorite model, ''jedi default''.
 Obi-Wan Sheepoby, an honorable Jedi from luke's academy with a proud and
honorable jedi atitude (just like the way I am :p).His eyes shine with the power of the lightside
and his armor is made from a extremely resistant kel-dorian mineral.
 Big powers also atracts Big Enemies, so Sheepoby also haves a great sith rival:
Evil Master Sith (im working on his skin at the moment).I hope you like this skin and tks for 
downloading from !
(By the way, sorry my bad english im form Portugal)


Just unzip that damn pk3 file and put it in your ''base'' folder
Jedi Academy/game data/base.


Bot support:yep
team colors:you bet
new sounds:yeah! (only 2 new taunts because my voice is a little kid-like (I have 15 years old)
secret skin:amazing inst it?

this model also possesses a secret skin to wear it just tipe in the console:
/model obi-wan_sheepoby/black

oh yeah, I also like to tell that this is a clan skin ( if u notice the [CL] tag in the arms of the blue n red models) 
                                           (jk3 reviewers, plz pass this special thanks in your review)

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