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Well, this map is quite a unique concept. As a general outline, it's a jedi assault course, which mostly focuses on the various jump abilit...


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Well, this map is quite a unique concept. As a general outline, it's a jedi assault course, which mostly focuses on the various jump abilities.

The first room is filled with pillars. I'm sure you know what to do in here. Hop across, but be aware that they start descending when you land on them. One or two don't, though. Second room is the same concept, except with horizontal bars which close into the walls as you touch them. The bars are inhumanly thin, and no average JKA player is going to be able to make it across on skill alone, unless you've played for 6 months non-stop and been in this room the whole time. It's mostly luck. The third room, is a "snake", where you must wall-run. Fourth is the mashing walls, fifth is the ever-present drop-down-and-land-on-these-oddly-placed-beams room. Finally, you need to jump from one platform to the other. The anti-climactic ending of all that, is an empty passage and a stairway, which teleports you back to the start.

The lighting is bland. Very, very, bland. The textures are boring and repetitive, and are far too small to be tiled over rooms this big without looking funky. The music is subtle and barely noticable, although that's not a bad thing as you'll need your focus. Quite a few areas have z-fighting, usually doorways. The architecture is fine for it's purpose, although a little more could have been done.

On the good side, it's a fun and challenging little map to run through, so give it a go, and see how athletic you are. :p

~ Kouen

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Download 'obstacle_course_v2.zip' (1.37MB)

Readme File:

File Name : Obstacle_Course_v2
Map Name : Obstacle Course Version 2
File Size: 1.66 Megabytes
Version: Two
Production Time: second version only took me about a week since I was only editing existing stuff, the reason I've submitted 
it so late is because I was working on other projects and didn’t sit down and do this one for a while
Author : Vanidor {J}
E-mail Address: smiget11@yahoo.com
Website: http://jediorder.funpic.org/
Edits from V1: 

1. I fixed the error where a player could cheat by avoiding the first 3 obstacles and just swimming to the 
end of each room wall grabbing and jumping up to the platform, by making the platform higher from the water.

2. I fixed the error where a player could stand on the steps and just jump up to the starting platform without 
needing to be teleported back

3. Fixed a few clipping errors

4. Added 2 new obstacles, and a hall way leading to the final room

5.Fixed the texturing error in the masher room

6. Made the map a bit brighter and easier to see in after complaints of it being too dark

Map Description: This is just one long obstacle course that I made for training the members of
my clan, this map was not made to just be grappled across, if you plan too.  Then
just don’t play it. This should be a great map for clans.

Obstacle Description: 
1. The pillar jump: This is just a bunch of pillars that start to move down when u step on them, 
the object is to get across the room by jumping from pillar to pillar.

2. Horizontal bars: Same idea as the first one jump from bar to bar to get to the other side, 
the bars move into the wall when u land on them.

3. Moving Platforms: You need to get across the room by jumping from platform to platform, 
this is personally the hardest part of the map to get through.

4. Wall run snake: I made the ceilings to low and the path to curvy to jump across so u need to wall run to a platform, 
then wall run the rest of the way.

5. Wall mashers: Basically just try to avoid getting trapped between or under one of these, it gets faster the farther 
you go.

6. The drop part a: Jump from bar to bar to the bottom, don’t fall or you'll die. 

7. The drop part b: Once the bars stop, you need top use wall grab to safely make your way to the platform.


This is my second released map. a version 2 of my first released map

Bugs and Errors:
Occasionally the water on the steps looks funny, but I think that’s a Quake engine problem more than a mapping problem
If you find any bugs please e-mail me :)


Simply put the pk3 file into your Lucasarts/Jedi Academy/GameData/Base directory.
Beta Testers:
Ra-Kom {J}
Izhar Pen {J}
Alpha {J}

Izhar Pen {J} for making an amazing levelshot, constant motivation, and for doing some grunt
work I was too lazy to do.

Alpha {J} for answering any mapping questions I had, and for calling me a moose.

RAVEN SOFTWARE for Jedi Academy

GEORGE LUCAS for Star Wars
Visit our clan site at http://jediorder.funpic.org/

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