-={OcTavius}=- Sith Lords Clan Skin

I had to really look hard at these skins and the original Anakin Skywalker model to figure out what the difference is....


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I had to really look hard at these skins and the original Anakin Skywalker model to figure out what the difference is. Even now that I can see it I'm faced with the question: why?

From what I can tell on the most basic of levels this is simply the original Anakin Skywalker model, parts of the robes have been desaturated, the pants have been desaturated, and the SL clan tags have been added to the shoulders. There are a few other minor tweaks here and there but that's basically the gist of it. At that point why even bother with the extra work when you could just put the clan tags on the original skin and be done with it? The changes made here are so unnoticeable and negligible that I would go so far as to say there was no point in making them at all, as they simply make the model look silly (for instance the sleeves of his shirt are black, but the front part is brown...?).

I still don't understand why clan members feel like they should change a color here and there, put their name on it, and call it their own skin. I thought the idea of having a personalized skin was to look unique, not to look almost exactly just like the other 32,800 people who have downloaded the Anakin model.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Download 'sl_octaviusv3.zip' (3.97MB)

-={OcTavius}=- Sith Lords Clan Skin	
[email protected]

Version 3 changes -  

-You can now choose from Long Hair and Short hair Anakin

-Team Colors

- Even with the robed, long hair, short hair, and team skins, the overall file is smaller then V2. 

- The Pk3 is still named V2 though so it will save over the last. 

-i used sounds from Basel Kran Lord maul skin
I used HapSlash's Anakins Skin as a model. I changed the torso, the boots, the arms, Made the right arm 
and left arm the same, and the face a little bit by making the scar bigger and moving it to the middle of the eye. 
I also edited a few of the sounds. I had to make a few new spec files also. 
	Beakerbongload help me along the way telling me how to do shading. 

yes i did use hapslash's textures. 

To install use winzip or a program that does the same thing, and Extract this into your Gamedata/base folder

Here it is, all done and ready to kill.

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