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Well, here's a trailer promoting the new version of OJP (That's Open Jedi Project for those who don't know ;)) Anyways, this does what it's...


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Well, here's a trailer promoting the new version of OJP (That's Open Jedi Project for those who don't know ;)) Anyways, this does what it's supposed to do. It promotes the OJP project.

The trailer starts by going through a brief history of the Jedi Knight series, and during this time the entire film is in grayscale. However when it gets to the part about the OJP project, it turns to color. The movie goes around showing some of the things the OJP project can do. The main thing is a new saber combat system. No more hack'n'slash fighting! Yay!

Apparently, there is sound, but I just can't hear it. I know that this says to use QuickTime, but I used VLC Media Player. I hate QuicktTime.


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Download 'ojpe_pre010_lowq.zip' (44.25MB)

Filename: OJPe_pre010_lowq.mov (You will need Quicktime to play the movie)

Done by: UDM of the OJP Team, and proud of it too :). Visit us at http://ojp.jediknight.net, and our forums at http://lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=542

Made with: Fraps, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop

Description of trailer:

The trailer features scenes of OJP Enhanced 0.0.7 and 0.0.9 for Jedi Academy, to promote the big upcoming version 0.1.0. 

Features the newest gameplay elements in OJP Enhanced, including:
- An almost revamped saber combat system
- Attack Fakes, a new form of saber control that improves on the freedom of saber handling
- Trueview mode
- And much more!

And what is OJP? Read below...

From http://ojp.jediknight.net:

The Open Jedi Project is a coding/modding collaboration with the intent of maximizing the features and fun factor for all Jedi Knight Academy (JKA) mods. We work together by contributing fun, interesting, and useful game features so that everyone can benefit.

We operate on what's basically an open source system. Open source basically means that the source code is freely available and accessible by all. See the "Using Our Work" section for details about rights and permissions.

Our design philosophy is to make everything as separated and customizable as possible to allow developers and players to choose what features they wish to use.

We currently have two distributions (gameplay/code changes), Basic and Enhanced. We also have two packs (non-gameplay related), Vehicles and Skins.

Basic has two main features. One is bug fixes and balance fixes, neither which will severely alter game play. They are designed to be the "unofficial patch" for bugs and game play problems. Basic can still be considered vanilla Jedi Academy. The other main feature is map enhancements. Things such as new entities, expanded AI, vehicles, scripting and effects system can allow mappers to create far more immersive and fun maps. Since Basic also aims towards recreating all the single player entities and code, it is possible for mappers to create full featured cooperative and single player games and levels using the multiplayer engine. This allows modders to make other enhancements such as new weapons, AI, etc., not possible using the single player engine.

Enhanced is a superset of Basic, meaning it has anything and everything included in the Basic distribution. The difference is that it adds many significant gameplay alterations. It is a playable mod, but also a code base for other developers. To decrease the possibility of mods based off Enhanced loosing originality, we are keeping our game play feature list generic and flexible. New features will be generic, expandable, and flexible so other developers can easily adopt them to their mods. It won't venture out side of Jedi Academy's principle game play, so there won't be anything that makes this drastically unique in terms of pure game play. Players get a full mod that shares the same basic principles and ideas that stock Jedi Academy offers. Developers get a solid, flexible code base that includes the basic, fundamental features you would want to find in most mods, allowing them to spend their time on what makes their work truly unique. An example of a feature for Enhanced would be an extended version of the player class system seen in Siege, one that is available in more game types, and is far more flexible."

We would like to sincerely thank the following people:

Sith-J-Cull (Episode III - Mustafar Duel/FFA map)
Gigon (AT-ST Duel map)
Raven, for the music and sounds. Those guys get the best people to make the best music :)
Lucasarts for Star Wars

And finally the usual...


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