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...and I thought, why would Kyle be wearing the same clothes after JK2?Should we tell him it's also the same outfit he was we...


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...and I thought, why would Kyle be wearing the same clothes after JK2?

Should we tell him it's also the same outfit he was wearing in Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight? ;)

Well, this isn't the first 'old Kyle' skin I've seen and I suspect it won't be the last. I've always been curious why someone would want to play as a senior citizen, but I guess I can kind of see it. This particular skin makes Kyle's hair white, adds some scars, and changes his clothing.

There were a few things I noticed with this skin right away. First was that the hair is not very neatly altered. There's no feathering or blending at the edges of the newly white hair, so in many places there's a very solid line where the recoloration stops and the original color peeks through at the edges. Also the moustache is a much brighter white/gray than the rest of the hair. The face also has not been changed much, so he doesn't really look much older than he already was. I mean 40 year olds can have completely gray hair, so a simple hair color change doesn't mean much.

With regards to the clothes, I have no idea what they're supposed to represent but they're very random. Maybe it's supposed to be one of those 'old people' sweaters? If that was the case I'd have surfed off the shoulder pad. There are only slight differences between the team skins -- blue/red arm bands and eye color changes -- and no other extras have been included.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Download 'old_kyle.zip' (1.43MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
Old Kyle


CREDITS: I give credit to me, myself and finally me. I did everything bymyself, but i guess, thanks Jedi academy makers? 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip folder to Base folder and voila'.

DESCRIPTION: I was using the regular Kyle skin. And i downloaded the mod or w/e that gives u the stance from jk2, and i thought, why in the hell would kyle be wearing the same damn clothes after jk2? I thought that was lame. Anyways i guess i made a kyle
that i wanted to look older and much more experienced. Even battle damaged, I put custom textures on him, I put the sounds of Boss_Kyle, i Made his hair gray, gave him scars, Basically he is really different from the default kyle. Sith is in the red team colors, 
and i guess super ligh side is in the blue team colors, regular is err....regular, the only difference is the armband for each of the 3 skins, and the eyes, sith has sith eyes, jedi has blue eyes, and default has kyles regular brown eyes. I took alot of time making this skin, and infact,
the Kyle i made is probably around 50-60 years old, i was going to make like a 80 year old kyle with Pefect white hair, but i rarely play this game and quickly lost interest, so anyways, enjoy.

BUGS: None, its a freaking skin...duh.

COMMENTS: I made this skin completely with HP Image Zone and MS Paint. I was so mad about this, i couldnt get freaking photoshop to work on my comp and i had to do it all in MS paint and Image Zone. This whole thing took me like 3 months to get exactly the way i wanted it, it probably would have tooken me about 3 weeks instead if i had
the proper programs but hey, screw it, the end result is something that i can be proud of because for using such cheapy programs, i think the skin came out quite well.


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