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How many Anakin models have we had? They've all been decently okay, but none yet have truly captured that particular 'Anakin' essence. Unfor...


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How many Anakin models have we had? They've all been decently okay, but none yet have truly captured that particular 'Anakin' essence. Unfortunately this model is no different. When I first saw the screenshots, I thought to myself "that looks kind of like Harry Potter." That may be going a bit too far, but the face of this model definitely isn't shaped quite right. As it stands, Anakin looks like he's about 13 years old. I'm not even really kidding - his face is much too thin, and the image the author photosourced for the face was probably not the best choice. The result: prepubescent Anakin. Also, the scar across his eye was very poorly done. It uses the crack technique, which is to paint a 1-pixel black line and copy a 1-pixel white line next to it. Unfortunately the author didn't use a 1-pixel brush, and that isn't really the proper technique for a scar.

The rest of the model isn't bad, but I find myself wondering if the author has borrowed any textures - or even the base of the model - because his read-me was so vague. He credits Kevin Coyle as a being 'very useful' but doesn't explain how. I give him the benefit of the doubt, here, hoping that the model is entirely the author's work.

We do have bot and NPC support, but the bot personality file is in spanish so English-speakers may not particularly appreciate that. Also, the sounds... they're... they're... reborn sounds! Why??! Well, the taunts are anyway. I can assure you none of those sounds escaped the lips of Hayden Christiansen. The result is it looks like a 13 year old, but it sounds like a 35 year old. Very strange.

Is this the best Anakin model? No. Is it the worst? No, I've definitely seen worse. Is it worth a download? That's up to you. I don't like Anakin anyway ;)

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes? NPC Support: Yes


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Download 'siith_anakin.zip' (2.63MB)

Readme File:

Title : Olts Sith Anankin
Author : OLTS/// Lord Vili ****
E-Mail : vili@oltszone.net 
File Name : Olts_sithanakin.pk3
Size : 2.63 Mb
Date Released : 26/07/2005

I'd  like  to  thank LucasArts  and George  Lucas  himself first and 
foremost,sincethey are the ones who developed the Star Wars universe
into the entity it is today.

First of all I  want  to thank  Kevin Coyle because of his fantastic
model of Anakin Skywalker Ep II, this  model has been very useful to
me in order to do this version of the Ep III. This is my first model
for JA, and I have tried to carrying  out with the maximum  severity 
and fidelity the Anakin of the film.

Also I want to thank for the aid in the accomplishment of this model
of my friend Hawk. 

General Info

OLTS Sith Anakin

Model: Olts Sith Anakin; by Vili.
Configuration : choosing  from 3  different models, default,robed or

New sounds: No, Jk2 sounds.
New textures: Yes.
Team Support: Yes.
Bot support :Yes
Npc : Yes (Cheat mode on)
/Npc spawn olts_sithanakin

Dump the Olts_sithanakin.pk3 into your Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base
directory .

Uninstallation: Simply delete the Olts_sithanakin.pk3 from the Jedi 
Academy\Gamedata\base directory and problem solved.

If for some odd reason you actually want to use some of MY stuff for 
anything else, all you need to do is send me an email asking 
permission and 9/10 times, I'll grant it... I just want to know if my
stuff's actually even being used.
(Also, don't forget to ALWAYS give credit to others who did work so 
you didn't have to... it's just common courtesy.) 

* Copyright / Permissions *


Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy(c) 2003 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.
Star Wars(c) 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or (r) as indicated.
trademark of Lucasarts. 
The Quake III Arena is the registered trademark of id Software,Inc. 

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