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Let me introduce myself, I have a name, however you shall know me as Metall Pingwin, and from this day on praise me as your lord and king f...


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Let me introduce myself, I have a name, however you shall know me as Metall Pingwin, and from this day on praise me as your lord and king for i have now gained acces to "The Inbox" and control the fate of your file. Buahaha. Onto the review.

Welcome to the world of the Omega Squad. Yes, you heard me right, Omega, not Delta, so don't get any ideas about these skins being almost exactly alike >_>. Well, for the most part they aren't much like the original Delta pack, since that one had diversity, and different color schemes and patterns for each skin. No, this is not the case with our Omega Squad. Here we have four reskins of the model, each looking almost the same as its predecessor, save for the varying colors and occasional addons like ammo containers etc. I can't however subtract points for that, for they are replicas, how accurate i do not know, as sadly i was limited to two or three very unclear images (which makes me wonder if the case was the same for the author) Now, the problem with this pack is that most of the skins coloring is in the front, so while looking at these in ModView isn't bad, once you get to playing all you really get to see isn't too impressive. One of the skins is a mix of greys and blues, with very faint coloring on the arms and legs. The unmasked version features our well beloved Jango, with what i believe to be a black eye *correct me if I'm wrong :)*. The second Omega clone provides slightly more eye candy as he sports a uniform of strong reds. The only problem i can find with this is that the red decals on his legs are less visible and more faint than the upper body. The unmasked version has a very large scar or burn on the right cheek. Our third protagonist, "Golden Guy" is the most colorful of all four heroes, he sports a golden suit of armor and when unmasked, a somewhat Harry Potter-esque set of scars.

And last but not least 'Blue Boy" although there are some differences, what we see is a blue version of Golden Guy, this alternative however has more texture to it and looks less like a simple recolor, however is still extremely colorful and sticks out from his surroundings a tad too much. For the future may i suggest more variation to your skins, as well as make the backs more interesting (being what we see 99% of the time). I also wish there was team support, you already have red and blue skins so adding that shouldn't be a big problem.

NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Original Delta Sounds Team Skins: No o_O

Metall Pingwin

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Title			: Omega Squad
Author                  : ZemmurkTrooper
E-Mail           	: [email protected]
File Names		: Omega_Squad.pk3
File Size		: 5.826MB
Date Released		: April 14, 2007
Credits to              : Marz, LucasArts	
Description             : 

This is a reskin of Marz's Clone Commando model to represent the four members of Omega Squad, from several spin-off novels and stories alongside Delta Squad.

Omega Squad was an elite clone commando unit, and was part of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The members of this unit were brought together after each of their respective squads were killed during action at Geonosis. Unlike most other commando squads, the Omegas wore specialized matte black Katarn armor. 

More information at

Note: All sounds are the same since really there are no other Commando sounds out there without copying Delta Squad. Plus, no team skins, since i think 8 skins is enough for everyone. However, there are the four members, helmeted and unhelmeted, each with unique armor and scars.

Thanks Marz for permission to use your model for a skin and to release it to the public. Cheers.

KNOWN BUGS              : Occasionally when i tested the model on the map shaders would mess up, but they seem to work fine now and i think it was just the map which periodically glitches like that.

Legal information:


Clone Commandos and all relevant other things are copyright LucasArts.

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