Usually I don't get the opportunity to review any good maps because our map reviewers snatch them all up. Seems I got lucky today, though! T...


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Usually I don't get the opportunity to review any good maps because our map reviewers snatch them all up. Seems I got lucky today, though! This map is a gem, and only a couple errors really draw away from it. Let's cover those errors first so we can end the review on a good note.

The first error I noticed was a little texture mismatch on one of the grated platforms. Now I'm being picky here because I can almost guarantee that none of you would be staring downward during a duel thinking "oh, those brushes don't quite match up!" I don't really care either - I know how hard it can be to get two brushes to match up correctly, especially on a texture like that. The other error, which is more an omission, is the lack of bot support. It's a shame, but not a showstopper. The lack of an arena file does make it a bit difficult to load up, though.

As for the style of the map, it's quite appealing. It features two areas - the bottom and the upper platforms and walkways. Navigating the upper portion will surely take some skill, as the platforms surrounding the walls are only partial and will require a bit of bunny hopping to move around. The central walkway surrounds a large beam which separates into several tendrils which spread out into the lower section. Impacting with this beam will cause instant death, so moving around the center is not as simple as it might sound. The entirety of the map has a strong red aura, while the beams are a cyan color, providing a stark contrast. Two lifts provide a means of reaching the upper platforms. Definitely a duel map worth checking out, as it is not only good looking but seems to be very well laid out for dueling.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Omens
AUTHOR: Aeon (Mapper), Zuiun (visionary guy / direction)

FILENAME: duel_omens.pk3
OTHER INCLUDED FILES: 3 sample JPG Screenshots
MAPNAME: duel_omens
DATE RELEASED: 20 April 2006

Extract the "duel_omens.pk3" from the zip file to the gamedata\base\ folder of your JKA installation.
(default is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base)

:: Omens ::

A Sith facility constructed with a dual purpose.

The purification chamber hosts a main reactor that emits a confined plasma beam directly into impure crystals, annihilating their imperfections. During this process, the refraction of the crystals during purification exposes the room to split plasma arcs, which are absorbed evenly throughout the chamber walls.

Realizing the potential for Sith training and exploitation, a sparring floor was added below the main reactor and crytal focus lens. The intense force energies of a Sith combatant combined with the amplified energies of the purifying force crystals prove to aid a Sith combatant's descent into the Dark Side. Upon doubling the purification chamber as a sparring pit, the Sith quickly realized the deadliness of the reactor's plasma emissions - despite their own strength in the force.
This map is intended strictly for duel/powerduel. "Omens" was designed explicitly for the epic-style duelists out there (the ones who enjoy a quality fight). But even those who like to enjoy a beautifully constructed chamber to take a few random stabs at people while they enjoy some nice eye-candy (check out those screenshots) will enjoy this map.

The reactor/plasma beam does not fire until 30 seconds after the map is loaded/populated on a server. This is intentional, for surprise effect, and to sync with the music when it changes tempo. 
And, for those who prefer to turn the music down/off, there's still a looping global generator sound effect to give ambience to the room. 

There is no bot support. 

BUGS: None observed.

Through hours of bugtesting, we have found no substantial hit to framerate on several different machine types/specs. Server admins need not worry - the effects/triggers (plasma arcs) do not lag servers. The map runs with extreme stability, and times smoothly across server/client connections.

Enjoy the map. You deserve it.

This map was originally concieved by Zuiun. Through the course of the mapping process by Aeon, the map took many shapes and directions from that point forward. Zuiun helped direct Aeon's mapping process toward it's final compile. Zuiun was very clear on what he wanted to see from his vision, but was also very open minded to suggested alterations/additions. Zuiun also chose the theme music for the map, which Aeon had to pare down from a nine minute piece to a three minute dueling theme with a solid pulse. Zuiun handled the loadscreen/splashscreen levelshot and publicity screenshots. 

The map is named for Zuiun, and his original vision of the map. "Omens" is taken from the definition of the Japanese word "zuiun" which translates as "cloud of omens." 

Aeon and Zuiun pumped out the quick "background story" to the map for those who seem to need that kind of thing.

Bugtesting for final compile of the map was carried out by Zuiun, Aeon, and Addis (Apop).

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