OMG LOL Skinpack

Ok well this is one of those packs where you wonder 'Why Bother?' The first skin is Boba Fett with a default photoshop filter pasted ALL...


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File Description

Ok well this is one of those packs where you wonder 'Why Bother?'

The first skin is Boba Fett with a default photoshop filter pasted ALL over it. It just looks stupid and must have taken 5 minutes.

Next we have a rodian which has been painted with white and black stripes on it and then called 'Zebra' looks more like a waste of time to me.

Oh then theres the stormtrooper. It looks alot better than the other 2. But it consists of paint buckets and gradient, topped off with some decorative stripes. All looks very flat.

Then just as I expected, a jawa recolour. Its been coloured red and the contrasts been upped dramatically. He gives it green hands and calls it a Christmas Skin ... Original.

Then we have a wookie. It looks like its had a fight with some paint pots after going out and being rigid armour. Yes that does mean no alpha shaders are included so instead of looking like hairs we have what looks like cardboard sticking out of it.

The kyle skin is probably the nicest here. Hes ripped some textures from other defaults, then coloured them and played around with brightness and contrast.

Overall this is a very ugly pack and little time has been spent on it. The fact its call 'OMG LOL Skinpack' I think the author knows its stupid. So why did he submit it? Maybe to waste our time when we could be reviewing the mods people actually spent time on.


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OMG LOL Skinpack!

A Skin pack by Deugar the One.....

Filename : OMG_LOL_Skinpack
Filesize : 4,7 Mb
Released Date : 6/03/2006

How to install:

Unzip the OMG_LOL_skinpack.pk3 file to the base folder ;-)
(...Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base)

Credits :

I'd like thank the team who made Photoshop Elements and
the guys who developed Gimp. And of course lucas arts and
Raven and.... and.... and....... :-)

Bugs: none.... i hope!

E-mail : (If you can really bring yourself
to email me... lol!)

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