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Remember the Oni’s Jan file that I reviewed a while back? Well Advent_Oni is back, and this time brings us a new skin of...


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Remember the Oni’s Jan file that I reviewed a while back? Well Advent_Oni is back, and this time brings us a new skin of Kyle! Like last time the reskin is fairly simple, as it is mostly a re-colour. That’s not a bad thing though, as the results here are once again very effective. This time though there has also been some textural changes, with one of Kyle’s arms having a new texture on it that kid of makes it look like some kind of bionic arm…but that’s just what it reminded me of. :P

Like the last time, the effect of the reskin is that it makes Kyle look much more like a hardened mercenary, and to be honest, I think this skin is actually rather scary, what with his dark clothes and what look like black leather pants!

Also included (though I am not sure why) are two other .pk3s that replace the default Jan and Kyle skins with Oni’s custom ones. I’m not sure why you would want to replace the default ones when you can just use the other .pk3s to add the new skins I am not sure. But that feature is there if you need it. :) Another plus is that this skin also has team support, which is always a good feature to include with a skin.

As with all mod’s, there are some things that could be improved upon. Mainly I would like to see some custom sounds for these skins, perhaps something a bit more gruff and ‘mercenary sounding’ than the original sounds. Also, bot and NPC support would be a cool thing to add too. But that is something to work on for the future.

Overall another good skin here from Oni, download it if you like the look of it! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support:No Team Support: Yes


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Download 'onis_kyle.zip' (4.5MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Oni's_Kyle
AUTHOR: [Aof]Oni
E-MAIL: Alvakarking@gmail.com

FILENAME: Oni's_Kyle, Oni's_Kyle_Replacement, and Oni's_jan Replacement

DESCRIPTION: I remember someone suggesting to me in the comment box of my last skin (Oni's_Jan) To redo Kyle as well. When I saw that comment 
I decided to give it a try. It took several hours and I stood up until 2:30am working on it (I started around 7). Finished it up the next day.
Personally I think it looks good. And to me, it give Kyle more of a Badass feel. Included is a replacement file for Kyle. You may put all the files 
the zip into your base folder. It will still work. And lastly, I forgot to make this for Oni's_Jan, a replacement file :D. There is one here. It
Simply replaces Jan with the Oni's_Jan look. Jan will still have her normal sounds :). I think its possible that these will work in JK2....The replacements
at any rate...Well enjoy! 

CREDITS: Raven for making the models ApollyonVII for making the suggestion.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put whatever (or all) files you want in your base folder. 

BUGS: I cant get bot support to work.


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