Open Jedi Project Trailer v2 Pre 0.1.0

Well, here we have another trailer for the OJP mod. This one is for the upcoming 0.1.0 release. Basically it just shows all of the cool thin...


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Well, here we have another trailer for the OJP mod. This one is for the upcoming 0.1.0 release. Basically it just shows all of the cool things in OJP. And guess what? This time I got sound! Yay!

Okay, this covers things like dodging, true view (which is first person view), ledge grabbing, force fall, and weapon holsters. All of which look very cool. One thing that I did see in the trailer was some new saber styles. Now that's something that I like: new saber styles. Anyways, the video quality isn't bad, it's rather good, in fact. One thing I kind of don't get is the intro, sure it's there to show the difference between regular JA and takes up most of the trailer. So I'm guessing it's just filler. But I guess this filler has a purpose, so anyways, not a bad trailer. And (Gasp) this trailer is smaller than the previous low-quality trailer that was submitted.


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Download '' (10.84MB)

Filename: Open Jedi Project Trailer v2.avi

Done by: UDM of the OJP Team, and proud of it too :). Visit us at, and our forums at

Made with: Fraps, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop

Description of trailer:

The trailer features scenes of OJP Enhanced 0.0.7 and 0.0.9 for Jedi Academy, to promote the big upcoming version 0.1.0. This is the higher quality version, which I am pleased to say that I have compressed extensively so it's actually smaller than the low quality version, yet maintains better video quality. Also contains new, better and improved footage!

Features the newest gameplay elements in OJP Enhanced, including:
- An almost revamped saber combat system (ever seen DFA as a blocking technique?)
- Attack Fakes, a new form of saber control that improves on the freedom of saber handling
- True View
- Weapon holsters
- And much more!

And what is OJP? Read below...


The Open Jedi Project is a coding/modding collaboration with the intent of maximizing the features and fun factor for all Jedi Knight Academy (JKA) mods. We work together by contributing fun, interesting, and useful game features so that everyone can benefit.

We operate on what's basically an open source system. Open source basically means that the source code is freely available and accessible by all. See the "Using Our Work" section for details about rights and permissions.

Our design philosophy is to make everything as separated and customizable as possible to allow developers and players to choose what features they wish to use.

We currently have two distributions (gameplay/code changes), Basic and Enhanced. We also have two packs (non-gameplay related), Vehicles and Skins.

Basic has two main features. One is bug fixes and balance fixes, neither which will severely alter game play. They are designed to be the "unofficial patch" for bugs and game play problems. Basic can still be considered vanilla Jedi Academy. The other main feature is map enhancements. Things such as new entities, expanded AI, vehicles, scripting and effects system can allow mappers to create far more immersive and fun maps. Since Basic also aims towards recreating all the single player entities and code, it is possible for mappers to create full featured cooperative and single player games and levels using the multiplayer engine. This allows modders to make other enhancements such as new weapons, AI, etc., not possible using the single player engine.

Enhanced is a superset of Basic, meaning it has anything and everything included in the Basic distribution. The difference is that it adds many significant gameplay alterations. On its own, it is a fully playable mod, with major gameplay alterations that deviate from vanilla Jedi Academy's. Players get a full mod that offers almost totally revamps lightsaber gameplay. Developers get a solid, flexible code base that includes the basic, fundamental features people would want to find in most mods, allowing them to spend their time on what makes their work truly unique.

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