Orbs Duel Server Expansion Pack



Okay wow.. This map pack included like what.. 7-8 maps. Nearly all of them are duel maps, there is one that is a duel/ffa map called Bespin_Evil, I'll start the review with that one :P.

Okay so I see this more as a FFA then a Duel map, it's large enough to have a small FFA on it. The main colour of this map is red as the sky appears tainted with crimson. Anyway after running through the many pillars and stabbing people with your saber you might notice two walkways leading upto two pads. So I run upto those and suddenly I fall off the walkway, aparently there are invisible walls stopping you from walking up. Which made me irritated to say the least. Still for a small FFA it's not bad so long as all you do is run around and poke people with sabers

Next map is Attic of Ragnos, all I can say is WOW I really like this map. It's got an atmosphere which you just can't shake. As you walk around the room you'll see torches burning on the walls and water dripping in from the roof, the room looks like it has been decaying and left in pretty bad shape. The centerpiece of the map is the large bust of Ragnos near the back of the room. On each side there are doorways and if you walk upto them the middle bit slides aside and reveals a stone head that shoots a little bit of flame out at you. This alone makes the pack worth it for me. After that map I tested out a map called Corridor of Infinity I think.. I didn't memorise the map names before writing this so you'll have to excuse me. Basicly there are pillars running down either side and it's just a straightforward fight on this small corridor. It's darkened in the distance to give the effect that the corridor does continue into infinity.

There are two pretty cool modern maps, the first is the Bank Job Vault. Sadly the map is made up mainly of missing textures for me :(, although the vault is pretty nice, you'll see laser beams flying back and forth, up and down. If you touch one the alarms will be set off which I thought was a nice touch to it all. The other map is the warehouse fire of (insert correct year here). You spawn in a small warehouse with boxes littering the floor, and of course fires around and in these boxes. If you look out the windows you'll see what appear to be the lights from a police car, you'll also hear the faraway sirens of them.

Now some of the smaller maps, the one that I remember most is House Warming, it looks more like a padded cell with the basic look of it all, the best part of this map was walking over to the lightswitches and turning the lights on and off :P. Also if anyone remembers the clock tower map it is included in this pack but is deceptive in trying to look like a big map but being rather linear. You can only run so far down the stairs before you are blocked by that infamous invisible wall. If you jump off your character will start screaming and when you hit the bottom.. Dead! Still there have been some changes like you don't revolve with the cogs, which means you can duel on them without getting dizzy. Another map I played which the name I cannot remember at the moment but I liked even though it was rather basic. This map you spawn into a small valley/lake area with a river of what appears to be blood flowing into it from a waterfall. I thank orbitus for removing the annoying underwater blue. It was so insanely hard to see with that.

Another rather beautiful map is the crouching tiger dojo. It looks gorgeous as you wander around, looking at all the weapons in their racks and the murals on the walls. I think this map would be better for FFAing more than Bespin_Evil. There were some other maps that I didn't get round to testing, but that was because of real life issues and not boredom. I'd of gladly checked out the others if I had the time.

Map(s) stats: New Textures: Yes (on some, missing in others) New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes







Concept: ORbiTius
Level Design: ORbiTius
Texture Modification/creation: ORbiTius
Beta Testing: ENm!ty, ORbiTius, 

ORb's Duel Server Expansion Pack

Notes: I currently have two very large map projects going on right now, &quot;Casa de los Parias&quot; (ffa/weapons mod) and &quot;Imperial Raid 2:The Bank Job&quot; (siege). For both of these, the maps are done and i am waiting on other people for skins and weapon models. So... in the month that i've had to wait, i decieded to put together a duel pack for my clan's new server, (>)O(< Exodus) Now dont get the wrong idea, these aren't &quot;clan maps&quot; or anything. The pack consists of 10 maps, 9 duel/powerduel and 1 map large enough for a small ffa but small enough for a large duel/powerduel. Confused :S Just check em out. File names are listed bellow. You may recognize a few of these maps as some of them are new and some are modified and improved parts of maps i've done in the past. They are all well playable and even fun and interactive and still some are just plain bizarre... 

File name: ORb's Duel Server Expansion Pack.pk3
File size: 54 MB

Map Names (short and long):

orb_duel01 - Attic of Ragnos
orb_duel02 - Crouching Tiger Dojo
orb_duel03 - The Third Clock Tower
orb_duel04 - Blood River Falls
orb_duel05 - ORbian Power Facility
orb_duel06 - Hall of Infinity
orb_duel07 - The Bank Job Vault
orb_duel08 - The Warehouse Fire of 92
orb_duel09 - House Warming
bespin_evil - Bespin Evil

Bot Support: YES
New Models: NO
New Textures: YES
New Music: YES
New Shaders: YES 
New Sounds: YES

if you feel the burning desire to CONTACT ORbiTius:

Email: [email protected]
URL: www.orbglobal.tk
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: acidrainne


 Installation Instructions: Well... Ya put your zip file in and pull your pk3 file out, Ya put it in your base folder and ya...shake it all about? :S i guess.

To explore these maps: Ya push your shift + ~ in, and pull your console window out, Ya type in devmap mapname and ya... check em all out?

(That should win an award for best installation instructions ever. :P)


NOte: Some of the models and textures found within are 
made by Ravensoft.

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