Ord Mantel Canyon

Thie, before anyone asks, is in no way related to the map by Raven in the bonus pk3 file they releassed a few Christmases back. Same theme,...


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Thie, before anyone asks, is in no way related to the map by Raven in the bonus pk3 file they releassed a few Christmases back. Same theme, but not physically related. I need to point out that the map contains 2 pk3's, one is a duel level for Multiplayer and the other is a single-layer mission. They're both the same map, except the SP version has enemies to fight and a little puzzle, plus one extra area where you fight Tavion. The mission is pretty tame, and will take you about 3minutes to complete, so I'm just going to look at the MP version, as theyre both practically the same anyway ;)

Yes, it's a little dark, and yes, some of the shadows are blocky (Use a lower _lightmapscale value in your worldspawn to combat this) but it's got a great ambiance, and I feel that the right music was used. Perhaps a custom track could have worked better, but from the choices of stock the author had, it's a good choice. You might almost mistake this little section for a part of Raven's SP campaign. The architecture is simple but appears much more advanced due to the different lighting shades and various small details such as the breakable rubble on the floor and small decorations on the pilalrs. I only wish it was a tiny bit more luminous, and that the lights glowed. And for god's sake, please remove those flashing-lights in the small corridor before I go into epileptic shock!

The filesize is really small because there are no custom materials (thats textures or sounds) in this map, yet that isn't always important if you can make do with the default JK3 sets. And thats precisely what has been proved possible here. Furthermore, there is bot support for the MP version. It's...not great, the waypoints that the bots need to jump to don't work properly, so on the side of the map with the big sandy drop, the bots will just bounce around like they're on a pogo stick. They worked fine in other areas however.

New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'mrw_bounty_jk3files.zip' (2.33MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Ord Mantel Canyon 
AUTHOR: Mr. Wonko
E-MAIL: willi@schinmeyer.de
WEBSITE: http://www.mr.wonko.de.vu (german) 

FILENAME: mrw_bountysp.pk3 mrw_bountyduel.pk3
FILESIZE: 1.028.634kb 601.641kb
DATE RELEASED: 29 January 2005

CREDITS: Raven Software, the www.darth-arth.de community, my mapping teacher Darth NormaN for telling me to map this map

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To install, simply extract the two pk3's (mrw_bountysp.pk3 is the sp-level, mrw_bountyduel.pk3 is the duel-level) to "your jka-folder/GameData/Base". To play the mp level, start it via menu. In order to start the sp level you have to open the console ([shift]+[~]) and type "map mrw_bountysp" (without quotes).

DESCRIPTION: It's a canyon, somewhere on Ord Mantel (Not too far from the abandoned city where you fought Boba Fett). There are some buildings and some old tunnels. In the multiplayer version you fight your opponent like usual, in the sp version you try to find tavion, who landed near the canyon with her shuttle, and kill her.

BUGS: The bot routes are not the best, the bots can't jump out of the canyon for some reason so I think this map is more fun with human opponents.

HELP FOR SP: Forcefields need energy... And how does the energy get to the forcefield? Cables...


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