Order of the Expendable Jedi Knights Temple

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Here we have an enormous map by CountDuB1ous, and from the looks of it, and name, it is no doubt a clan map. Don't let that turn you away though, as I explored this map for quite a bit, and am impressed. The author took quite a while in producing this map, and his time and work have paid off. There is much fun availible to the public, as in all clan maps, there are training rooms, and this one certainly hasn't forgotten such. I played around in the dueling arena for a bit, as it looks like it would be the main source of attention. Having a surrounding viewing platform, shielding with glass note, and a door for contestants to walk through and teleport into the arena. The main hall itself is quite large, featuring three floors, while being the same, it does reveal that there are many more areas in the map to visit..

I could not detail everything that this map contains, so I should leave it up to you for further exploration. Definately a map that is staying in my game folder.

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No




War!  The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless README!

July 5th, 2005
Map Name                : Order of the Expendable Jedi Knights Temple
Author                  : |Ex| CountDuB1ous
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             : http://www.exjk.com (GO THERE! GO THERE NOW! DO IT! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!</superliminal message>)
Map description         : This map is loosely based on the Jedi Temple from Star Wars and is the home, business place, and training ground for the Order of the Expendable Jedi Knights Clan, on our fictional ice-world of Expendius Prime.

Other info              : I don't really want to be critiqued too extensively on this map, as I have spent MOST OF MY SUMMER so far just working on it.  THIS is my MASTERPIECE.  So, please..  keep negative comments to a minimum or nonexistence...  OR ELSE... The Quetzalcoatal is gonna EAT YA!!!

Additional Credits to   : |Ex|DevmapAll for the Dev Towers Duel Area, the sexy snow sky, and for some of the secrets. 		|Ex|TyrannicalFascist for the music and some of the textures, Omni Crypt for a bit of the shader syntax.

Thanks to               : The Order of the Expendable Jedi Knights and cheese...but not bleu...that idiot...
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : TEHZOMYES (Kotor Music mix by |Ex|TyrannicalFascist)
New Skins               : TEHZOMNO!
New Objects             : <insert clever way to say &quot;no&quot; here>
New Textures		: Paintbuckets, er <insert clever way to say &quot;yes&quot; here>
Bot Support		: This was meant to be played with humans...  so bot support was pointless to me.

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 13,099 Brushes
Vert Count              : the hell is a vert...
Entity Count            : Says 945 in one place, 3780 in another...  Take your pick!
Base info               : This map was made FROM SCRATCH.  All textures are either from JK2, JKA, or made from scratch in photoshop, or from pics off the net (TyrannicalFascist's pic of |Ex| members playing pool).  The Knollvision renderings on Starwars.com were the basis for CountDubious' office complex, the Jedi Council.  Other Starwars-like areas include the entrance, the archives, the High Council Chamber.  And though Devmap's Bar and Grill was named after DevmapAll, CountDubious actually made it.
Software used           : GTK Radiant 1.4.0, Adobe Photoshop
Known Bugs              : Some patches not lining up perfect...  i should mention Maigus...
Build Time              : off and on for the past...  SEVEN!  MONTHS!!!! hehehehohohaha..  excuse me...

* How to use this map *

Just ask the computer nicely to install it.  Seriously.  If that isn't working, it's because you're not being polite enough.

* Copyright / Permissions *







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