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XZMOD has brought us a single player conversion demo which features two new levels. His own description is as follows:

A total conversion demo of Star wars Jedi Knight Jedi academy. Featuring several new features in 2 new levels based from the movies. Play as Jedi Master Yoda and save your fellow Jedi Allies against the evil Count Dooku. Find the password and unlock it on the Password menu, to unlock a secret level.

Like it says, you play as Jedi Master Yoda and you fight Count Dooku to save your Jedi Allies (Obi-Wan and Anakin)

When you begin the mission 'An Old Friend' it starts off with a 2-3 second movie of a republic gunship flying through geonosis. I had only two dislikes about this: 1) There was no sound. (2) It was a very low quality movie. But, it was only 2-3 seconds and so it doesn't matter too much. You then run through the landing platform and hear one of the two jedi dying. Count Dooku is there standing and you fight one another. After you kill him a short movie plays of him running into his ship. Then, you see him die on the floor in front of you (o_O) I then didn't know what to do. I started looking around trying to find out what happens next. I still had no luck and so I ran back to where I started from and saw a clone trooper and a republic gunship outside the platform. When you approach the clone trooper he tells you the password for the next level.

I won't say what happens in the next level, as it is a secret :) I don't know what happens after you complete the secret level because I died every time.

Also, there is a BLOCK command you can do with the saber, which seems to work.. sort of. You can parry their attacks by holding the BLOCK button and moving into the direction of their attack. It didn't work too well for me with Yoda, likely because of his height :P

Cheats also seem to be disabled in the last level ( :( )

So, if you are interested in this modification or just want to recreate the battle of Episode II, give it a download!

- Dommie




Mod Name: Order Of The Jedi(OOTJ) Yoda Demo
Version: 1.00
File: Yodademo.zip
Creator/Author: XZMOD
Beta Testers: Drink, Dr Z
Trailer: ~JaY~
Teaser: Jay
Contact: [email protected] "OR" [email protected]
Website: www.xzmod.proboards52.com (New Website Coming Soon) www.xzmod.moddb.com
File size: 82036kb or 82mb
Date released - 24th August 2007 7:43PM AEST
Time to create: 2-3 weeks


 Dr Z: Thanks for helping to make the Cinematics

 Drink: Best Beta tester I could ask for, thanks alot your support is more appreciated then you are aware =)

 For everyones files I used. Thank you for giving permission to use. You can find there readmes in the Readme folder.
 Two everyone that helped support the mod. I truely thank you.

..:MOD Info and Comments:..
Order Of The Jedi -- Yoda is XZMOD's latest total conversion modification, which is in development. After the previous XZMOD, SOTS Darth Maul mod, The team decided to take it further and decided to make a mod one-hundred times better then before. The demo consists of random events and actual events which took place during the movies which included yoda. Battles such as the confrontation with Count Dooku and the Darth Sidious take place in the full mod. Other Missions in the full version consist of battles between episode 2 and 3, some of which never took place however, are irralevent to the story line of starwars. There are also various Bonus Duels and Missions waiting to be unlocked in the total conversion.

The demo contains 1 Challenging level and 1 bonus duel.
New Menu's
Password system, like none ever made before
Angle system, unique in everyway
Realistic models made by various famous modders. (look in readme folder to see credits to the great developers of them)
Faster and more realistic saber movements to suit the battles. (IE: Yoda can swing faster and spins, Obiwan swings faster and controlled)
Ingame Cinematics(Cut and low qualitied for the demo)
New end level system

This is the First Official demo for the upcoming Total Converion for Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Order Of the Jedi Yoda.

copy and paste the yodademo.Zip in your "GAMEDATA" FOLDER NOT BASE!!! Extract into your GAMEDATA FOLDER from there copy the 
Yoda demo.bat file and paste into your GAMEDATA folder. Double click your Yoda demo.bat to start the application.


Extract folder. From there open up your single player(JASP) then once it loads go to SETUP. Go down to MODS and double click
Yodademo. This will load the mod through singleplayer.


If your still having trouble installing go to www.xzmod.proboards52.com register. Then post in the Problems section.

Want to remove?
Copy all Yoda Demo files and press delete.



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