Clan maps, quite often the bane of a reviewer's day simply because you can rarely look at the map without having a clan logo thrust in your...


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Clan maps, quite often the bane of a reviewer's day simply because you can rarely look at the map without having a clan logo thrust in your face. Thankfully this isn't following that trend.

Okay, I'm going to break it down into categories.

Architecture Simple, pretty much straight out of a tutorial. Nurse shows a good understanding of Radiant's tools and how to achieve various effects with brushes. An understanding of modified shapes is shown as well as manipulating brushes to give less of a clean-and-tidy appearance. I get the feeling Nurse is still at the "read one, do one" stage, though, which is all well and good for a newer developer, but there comes a time when any developer has to begin thinking outside the box and change their philosophy to "have an idea, research the idea". Nurse is almost ready to make that leap, since the basics appear to be nailed down pretty tight.

Design For a basic design, there's not much to find fault with, however one picky comment I could make is lack of texture variation. The map looks almost like it's monotoned. Don't be afraid to experiment with textures a little, sometimes the exotic combinations work out best. There's also a distinct lack of detail in how the map is crafted, which is a sure sign of an early map - but given that this is a second map, detail probably isn't a primary concern, so griping there would be unfair.

Layout Layout is one of the key factors in level design, and it's not a problem here. The layout is smooth, and it flows. The three rooms breaking off from the main area all lead to dead ends, though, so this is pretty much a duel map through and through and won't hold too much weight in traditional FFAs.

The basic summary of the layout is thus. There's the central duel area with two tiers of raised platforms. The first tier is presumably seating, the second tier is the walkway leading to the upper rooms. Behind the duel area is an empty room with a fallen pillar. The two top rooms are thus. Number 1 is a zoo, with a Chiss, a Jawa, and a Wampa in cages. It's spacious enough to be an auxiliary duel room. Across from the zoo, you'll reach a passage leading to a spacious balcony with a block I'm assuming is a bench.

Miscellaneous points, aside from what's mentioned above, is to really do more with the map. Expand and build further until you're happy, make full use of available space etc. Hover around the forums for advice, I'm sure the regulars there would happily play Changing Rooms and offer up pre-release critiques and ideas. And, of course, think outside the box. That's my personal numero uno. ;)

If you're in this clan, you'll want this map. If you're not, then whether you download it or not depends on criteria. It's good for anyone wanting an open map that runs as smooth as a baby's bottom. Like most basic maps, performance really isn't an issue, so if your computer's ancient or your LAN/internet slow, then like other basic maps you might be able to play this in MP games without lagging all the way to Starbase 12, which definitely gives it merit.

Not a bad start, Nurse... not a bad start at all. Keep at it.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: Yes Custom Textures: No Custom Music: No Custom Meshes: No

{NOTE: There's a few problems with the developer database. If this file is listed under the correct developer profile, cool, if not, I can't fix it right now. Sorry.}

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Download 'originclanmap.rar' (1.37MB)


after reading some more tutorials and stuff heres my second map.
This map is made for the Origin clan.

this map has some nice duel spots with alot of space.
And if that is gonna get boring... go make fun of the aliens in the cages :P

Map bsp name: Origin-clan1
Made by: Nurse
Version: 1.0


Put the PK3 file in your Base directory.

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