Original Trilogy Elite Imperials

Well, here we have another installment in the Imperial Series, which includes the Original Trilogy 1 Navy Imperials, th...


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Well, here we have another installment in the Imperial Series, which includes the Original Trilogy 1 Navy Imperials, the Original Trilogy 2 Navy Imperials, the Original Trilogy 3 Navy Imperials, and the Original Trilogy Staff Imperials .

Now we get the Elite Imperials, or rather, the officers that you saw wearing black when Leia was captured. You get the Non-Commisioned-Officer, the Lieutenant, and the Commander. So enjoy. Again, this is a great thing for role players, so I hope those people enjoy these. The author wanted to apologize for sending all of the skins in so many parts because Yahoo! Mail is a fussy thing. There is another thing to make use of in the future – FileFront’s free file hosting. Just a thought.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

AUTHOR: Cryptaea 

E-MAIL: cryptaea@yahoo.com 

TITLE:  Original Trilogy Elite Imperials

FILENAME: ncoblack.pk3 
FILESIZE: 1.73 mb 

FILENAME: lieutenantblack.pk3 
FILESIZE: 1.85 mb 

FILENAME: commanderblack.pk3 
FILESIZE: 1.64 mb 

DATE RELEASED: 17th November 2006 

CREDITS: Hapslash for all the models and textures; and Infinity Blade for the mesh optimization, weighting, & conversion from Hapslash's "Improved Imperial Officer" mod (released 25th April 2005) for Jedi Outcast.  

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract your choice of unzipped pk3 files to your gamedata/base folder in the Jedi Academy directory. To load into a single-player game, press "SHIFT" and "~" then type "NPC SPAWN (filename)" in the console menu. 

DESCRIPTION: A series of reskins of Hapslash's excellent Imperial officer model. These models have been slightly edited to reflect the order of rankings within the Imperial Navy, the Army, as well as the Imperial Security Bureau and the Empire's elite corps.

  This mod contains the black-clad officers in the Empire's service. The ranks are worn by the officers in the first few scenes of Ep IV on Princess Leia's consular ship, and in the later Death Star scenes.

My own Imperial Chiss Order and Imperial Remnant Insurgency reskins for multiplayer are also included.

N.B: The SP screenshot shows the NCO without the "belt boxes", they've since been added back on.

(Please excuse appalling screenshots but "Yahoo" limits what size zipfiles I can send, otherwise I'd upload everything at once.)

BUGS: These are Jedi Outcast models so there will be saber issues. One reviewer has had problems with the badges being untextured - Although this case is the only one I'm aware of, it's wise to beware of conflicts with other mods. 

COMMENTS: This files includes three of the total twenty-seven in an exhaustive collection of Imperial officers. The ranks were determined from the Imperial uniforms in "Star Wars" episodes 4 and 5, and organised according to various country's armed forces where applicable.  

The complete list is as follows: 

Officer Staff:  Non-Commissioned Officer/Grand-Admiral/Moff

Imperial Navy:  Lieutenant/Commander/Captain, Line-Captain/Commodore/Vice-Admiral, Systems-Admiral/Fleet-Admiral/High-Admiral 
Imperial Army:  First-Lieutenant/Squad-Captain/Major, Lieutenant-Colonel/Colonel/Major-General, Lieutenant-General/General/High-General  

Imperial Security Bureau:  Lieutenant/Commander/Colonel 

Elite Corps:  Non-Commissioned Officer/Lieutenant/Commander

... for variety's sake, each of the models have also had their XYZ scale and faces slightly altered.


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