Otoh Gunga

One of the most noticable things about this map is the size. For a map of a city, this sure is really small. Basically, it consists of one s...


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One of the most noticable things about this map is the size. For a map of a city, this sure is really small. Basically, it consists of one sphere with a bunch of small yellow bubbles and catwalks inside. For a map based on Otoh Gunga from Episode one, I'm pretty confused on why there's all these curved catwalks all over the main bubble. From what I remember, Otoh Gunga consisted mainly of a bunch of bubbles and curved corners. Anyway, the problem with these walkways is that they're way too thin, so it's pretty easy to fall off. Another problem is that sometimes it's impossible to walk across some walkways without crouching because a higher walkway is too close. Other than that, this map is fairly-well built, but really inaccurate.

The main drawback here is that the lighting and texturing is horrible. I'm still not sure whether or not I saw a shadow in this map. It seems that the author skipped the light stage during the compile. The texturing job here ranges from good to really ugly. There's a lot of areas with textures that have one solid color for the entire texture. Some of the textures are well done, though the other ones really take away from the map.

The map is actually pretty fun to play on, though. Even though it's small for a city map, it's still large enough to sustain 6-8 players. It's a good map for sniping, too, and disenagrations never get old. :D There's bot support too, and the bots are fairly intellegent except they occasionally get stuck under catwalks and can't get out. The FPS on this map can go from about 60 in some areas to 14, which is almost unplayable. This is pretty good for a first map, though it's nothing overally spectacular. Just take your time and the next one will come out better. ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes New Sounds: No Supported Gametypes: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'otoh_gunga.zip' (6.24MB)


TITLE:	Otoh Gunga - Gungan City
AUTHOR: TakiJap 
E-MAIL: [email protected]  

FILENAME: otoh_gunga.pk3 
FILESIZE: 6.33 Mb 
DATE RELEASED: 20 December 2005 

New textures: Yes
New music: Yes
Botroutes: Yes
Game Modes: FFA & TFFA


Coolio: for making all of the shaders and most of the textures. Also for doing all the technical stuff, that I hate. Like i.e. making pk3's and finally for making botroutes

Place Otoh_Gunga.pk3 file into your "Jedi Academy/GameData/base"-folder.


My very first map :D WOOT!

Maybe i've gone too far with this..

Well anyways this is my map of Gungan city - Otoh Gunga from Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace. It is playable in FFA & TFFA game modes. Map has the main promenade and the Boss Nasses Little room as seen in the movie. I´ve been looking pictures of Otoh Gunga to make everything look as close as possible to the real one and still have somehow playable map. Catwalks and those yellow balls can be also seen in movie, but the lower level I had to improvise.

I've been doing it for 2-3 months now (I could have done it faster if I hadn´t been so lazy) and in some point it might have grown too large, even though there are still lots things to do better. I´m not really happy with everything in this map, but I´m eager to get doing some other projects. Sometime in future when my skills have atleast doubled, I´m going to come back to this project and make it as it was meant to be done. 

It´s also missing lot of things like fog, outside balls, swimming fishes and more.. Those were removed, because the map is already giving bad fps (on our computer) in some parts. It just wouldn´t been fair to anyone who has worse pc than ours (if it's possible). The "special edition" will be a lot larger and has all those things like fog etc..  

But anyway I think this map is good enough to be released and before the "Special Edition" I might make a second Version, which corrects the biggest flaws and makes the map more playable.   


- Small yellow balls has some strange errors.
- Skybox looks plain and little too bright. (This isn´t really a bug, but it sure is annoying)
If You find some flaws or things that could be added or just has a solution to those known bugs, please send me some E-mail, in which you explain the flaw or improvment or even better send me a better skybox or a tutorial how to fix those yellow balls.


Thank you for downloading this file. 


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