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Okay, this file happens to contain some hilt models for your most favorite weapon, the lightsaber. Now let me state something else, these...


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Okay, this file happens to contain some hilt models for your most favorite weapon, the lightsaber. Now let me state something else, these hilts, are swords. There are many of these types of models, and I'll just say that I never really became too fond of them. Unless your using a mod that removes glow on these specific hilts, your never really seeing the blade, now are you? On to describing! The pack contains seven skins, on 4 models, so yes, there are seven hilts heres. Based on the screenshot, the mostly used model(Vibrosword) seemed to be the best, surely enough of an excuse to skin it so much. The katana, well, we've seen plenty of those in every pack like this. The other two swords look fairly simple in design, though theres nothing wrong with that, Im a fan of simplicity. Though they certainly arn't goign to "wow" you like some of the other straight sword models here. On to the last model in the pack, the Axe. Whatever use you may find of it, do use precaution, as it looks like quite a dangerous weapon. Based on its comparison to the other blades, I know for a fact it will have one of the huge problems that I do dislike. When the actual lightsaber goes through the model, and its very visible, quite an unattractive thing to see on the screen.

Though I'm in no way dishonoring this pack, it will finely suit any player who uses actual swords for their saber instead of the tradition hilt. The author even gives some decent descriptions of each blade in the readme, so quite creative. Do enjoy, and watch where your swinging your sword.


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Title : Outcast's Melee Weapons V1

Author : Outcast551 ( Inazuma)

E-Mail : Drugged_Punk_551@hotmail.com

File Name : Outcasts_melee_weapons.zip

Date Released : 26/06/05

Time Made : 2 days.

Description : A Few Weapons I made for JKA they work in SP and MP as far as I know.

Weapon Information :

Vibrosword - Ultrasonic generators power this well designed weapon, Also fitted with a Cortosis weave to protect it against lightsaber and blaster damage, rarely seen in the new republic, but very dangerous in the hands of the skilled.

Echani Vibrosword - A modified Echani version of the Vibrosword, The Echani took some of the unneeded installations out of there vibroswords making them lighter and faster, at the expence of damage ratio.

Mandalorian Vibrosword - Mandalorians Modified the Vibrosword to suit there more agressive form of Melee Combat. Heavier and Stronger but also slower to swing.

Gammorean Battleaxe - A oversized Axe used by the pig-like Gammoreans, this is a very heavy and powerful weapon, but also requires alot of strength to use with proficancy.

Tulak Hord's Bloodsword - This weapon was found in Tulak Hord's tomb on Korriban by Jerec and hes Dark Jedi followers, Jerec feared this sword, and hid it away in the valley of the jedibefore being killed by Kyle Katern. This sword has a Blood-Red tinge in it when it is held, this red gets darker and more noticable with the more people that fall at its blade.

Kaja Sinis' Sword - This is believed to be owned by Kaja Sinis, the first jedi. When held by a force sensitive, the blade gets a Light blue tinge in it. It is also believed that anyone that uses the Darkside is repelled by this sword, although that is unknown.

Ryutsu - A sword held by a lord named Inazuma, this sword is so sharp, that it can cut through the armor on a ATST with ease, it also usually breaks other swords in impact. It is unknown who made this sword, although some believe that one of Inazumas ancestors made it thousands of years ago, There is only 1 person who knows its origin, Lord Inazuma himself... (This is a clone of a Katana I own in real life).

Specail Thanks to......... Revandark for allowing me to use some of hes models in this mod.




Outcast551 a.k.a <DWK> Lord Inazuma

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